Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year-End Wingnuttery

It's back to the office or the classroom for many of us tomorrow, so in a fond farewell wave to the 2011 holiday season, I thought I'd drop in on our old pals at Fundies Say the Darndest Things and see just what they'd uncovered for us during the week most of us sane people spent relaxing with our families. I wasn't disappointed. Here are some of the choicest bits:

From this source, we discover this gem...
Veganism is a Satanic conspiracy against God's Creation Order. God created adam alone--both Adam and Eve--in His Own Image. He did not create animals in His Image. Thus those whose morality has descended to Veganism and the claim of personhood and legal standing for animals are rebels against Almighty God. They are false prophets calling souls to Hell
Vegans? Really - this guy went there, of all places? I don't seem to recall anything mandating carnivorous eating habits in the Bible they're so fond of thumping. Well, unless it's on God's part. All those Old Testament accounts of burnt offerings and pleasing smells. Yeah, that must be it. You're going to be letter-perfect? Don't think you can pick and choose. Better start booking those goat-burnings at the next church auxiliary luncheon right away! But no blasphemous salads.

We also have this, from the Department of No We Don't Understand Parody...
The Internet was created by the United States of America - a Christian nation [ref. 1, 2, 3] - and should not be used to spread anti-Christian, secular, or non-Christian propaganda and hatespeech. This is our Internet, and we should exercise our position as its owners and as the guardians of civilization to stop its misuse.

For this reason, this website was created to try and stop one of the more vile and dangerous misuses of the Internet: using it to mock Our Lord Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His followers. And one site in particular stands out in need of stoppage: Landover Baptist.

Link to Landover Baptist website
WARNING: Should not be viewed by anyone under 21
Landover Baptist claims to be a church. Moreover, they claim to be the only church in America that understands the Bible! In fact, neither is true. Landover Baptist is a fraud. A joke. Their true purpose is not to spread the Gospel of our Lord, but to trick people - especially those who have not received the Word and Salvation or have been programmed by secular culture to distrust Christianity - into believing that Christianity is evil and rejecting it.

For this blasphemous atrocity, the Landover Baptist website must be removed from our Internet.
It never ceases to amaze me how the crowd that is the first to cry abridgment of their rights of self-expression whenever anyone disagrees with them, and the crowd that wants censorship and to mandate what everybody must think or believe, or else, is invariably the same crowd. It makes Orwell's "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" a truly and scarily prescient observation.

But, wait - there's plenty of room for the misogynists to weigh in once more before the year runs to a close (Note: the quotation comes from the comment thread, and you'll love the typos, unaltered for your reading pleasure)...
Its just not true that men and women acheive equally.
Science axhievement still reflects this.
I’m not saying women are intellectual inferior.
Actually Darwin did say this.
I’m saying womens failure is due to motivation.
I see this as a very real identity of them due to their biblical calling to support their husbands first or only.
women don’t have ambition and despite or society pushing them they still fail to keep up anywhere where results are unbiased.
Only in school or other simple enterprises of mere studying do they compete.

This is a Mans world because we were created to do well before God.
We are on the make.

Yes there is a organized and profound agenda to raise women up at the immoral and illegal loss to men.
Affirmative action is for anyone the establishment wants to raise up and knows can’t without it.
First, guy - somewhere, I bet that several women who tried at one time to make you understand that coherence and good spelling would take you far in life are shaking their heads and saying "I told you so," at this precise moment. Second, do I smell some sour grapes here (no doubt in one of those Satanic salads)? Because this reads like the whining of someone who was first trounced in the...I'm guessing nothing beyond high school...academic environment, and then either lost a job to or (gasp!) found himself in the position of working for a mere woman.

And, of course, we are treated to a parting shot (again, in the comment thread, which must be perused beyond the post in question to be believed: these people could all do with visits from Scrooge's trio of ghosts and an IV drip of marginal sanity) in the War on Christmas...
The non-Christmas Xmas tree at the WH is a perfect symbol of democrat-muslim anti-Christian secularism that must be in place to satisfy liberals.

The liberal resentment of Christmas is understandable since liberals are not generally much more than OWS vagrants looking outside in at families with traditional trees, warm clean homes with Bing Crosby playing (laugh – the man could sing), friends, food, Tom&Jerrys, gifts, a sense of childhood and a respect for something larger than oneself.

Everything about Christmas is antithetical to a liberal’s self-centered, life position. They have to destroy it.

The BO tree speaks the attempt to destroy Christmas in a hypocritical way in not acknowledging Christianity – why not just put in a prayer rug where the Holiday-Solstice tree is now?
OK, what exactly is "democrat-muslim anti-Christian secularism"? Anyone? Are we now saying that Muslims are secular? All Democrats are Muslim? Only Christianity is a religion (must be news to Israel)? The whole concept of a plurality of religions? You're doing it wrong at a fundamental level.

And where did the Occupy people come from? If they were vagrants outside-looking-in...they would have already been outside. Clearly, that was not the case. So I think it's safe to assume that they too came from warm, clean homes, families and friends, etc. Only they did so to make a statement about something larger than themselves, not about being self-centered or solipsistic. (What's self-centered about living in a tent on a city street for weeks on end? If that's your idea of self-indulgent behavior, I confess to bafflement.) That it's a statement other than your preferred one makes it no less valid.

Finally, I find it laughable that the talking points lines for this most recent WoC (War on Christmas) are outrage that the First Family spent part of it in Hawaii (Oh, the expense! Oh, the exotic not-Norman-Rockwell quality! Oh...the place the guy was BORN?) and a sense of horror that taxpayers actually foot the bill for the White House tree and decorations. I remember when many of us were routinely being accused of Bush-bashing, it was over trivial little things like...gee, I don't know, starting unnecessary, costly and deeply destructive wars on false pretexts. But I don't recall any of us suggesting that the existence of a tree on the White House lawn was an abomination. The pettiness and vitriol is unbelievable. And it's not even full-on campaign season yet.

And don't get me started on the outrage that there is a STAR on top of the tree. Heavens forfend what nefarious thing that might stand for.

But, be that as it may - it is a New Year and we can all look forward to a fresh new batch of idiocy to entertain us from clowns like these. Watch for it to ratchet up big-time later this Spring, as maybe by then a front-runner for the GOP finally begins to emerge from the Rat Pack.

Thanks for all you do here, Count, and for allowing me a share of the sandbox. Best to you all for 2012!

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