Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spanos keeps Norv and AJ

Missing the postseason one, and you're an elite team - fine, it happens. Injuries take its toll, plays have off years, coaches make questionable substitutions and decisions in crucial moments in defining games during the regular season. Again, it happens. You're allowed a mulligan.

If you miss the post season twice, and you claim you're an elite team, heads will roll. There is a fundamental problem in the organization that has to be addressed and changes must be made.

Unless you're team is the San Diego Chargers, you have a mediocre head coach leading the team, an arrogant GM skating on two excellent drafting seasons and have failed to do more after that, and a spineless, gutless owner who's too scared to admit to lead and do what needs to be done (think of the feud between HC Bobby Ross vs. the GM in '94 after the SB loss to Steve Young and the Niners and the '06 debacle between Schottenheimer and Smith, where Marty was fired after taking San Diego to a franchise-best record of 14-2), then you have a new lease on life.

San Diego Chargers President Dean Spanos has decided to keep coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith despite the team missing the playoffs for the second straight season amid increasing fan discontent.Spanos made his decision Tuesday, two days after the Chargers finished 8-8 by beating Oakland to keep the Raiders out of the playoffs.“Bottom line, I believe these two men give us the best chance to get back to the playoffs,” Spanos said in a statement. “A.J. Smith is the best man to improve our roster, and Norv Turner is the best man to lead that roster on the field.”San Diego went 4-1 at the beginning and end of the season but was undone by a six-game losing streak in the middle. One more win would have earned the Chargers the AFC West title.Turner is 49-31 in five years in San Diego but only 3-3 in the playoffs. He is 107-113-1 in three stints as a head coach, including with Washington and Oakland. Both of those teams fired him.
Pardon my French, but fuck you Dean Spanos, you gutless coward. No team owner in their right mind would take Norv and AJ back if they failed to get to the playoffs twice and the level of talent had begun to fade, but being who you are, you were afraid to admit you were wrong, afraid to make a change, and afraid to lead in general. So congratulations, Dean, you get back your boys, but if next year goes to shit, this is all on your head.


Anonymous said...

Norval kept his job with some nice wins to close the season. I admit I too am surprised he survived.

theroachman said...

With an aging quarter maybe they are hoping for the QB who is not in this years draft but staid for his seinor year. The kids Name excapes me

Anonymous said...

Landry Jones Oklahoma? Matt Barkley USC?

Jonathan said...

Who, Phillip Rivers? He's 30 and still in his prime. Chargers don't need QB. A playmaker at DE or at LB? Most definitely. Another LT and LG to protect Rivers and open lanes for Ryan Matthews? Yes - the depth wasn't there when Dielman and McNeil went down. Another QB - especially one that's thrown for 4,000-plus yards each of the last 4 seasons and one that's thrown for 4500 yds in back to back seasons? Absolutely not!

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