Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Liquidator Is On TCM Tomorrow!

As many of you know I am James Bond geek and one his most famous knockoffs was a coward named Boysie Oakes whom through a series of fluke accidents manages to convince the head of British Secret Service that he is a vicious killer. The character is the work of British spy and action novelist John Gardner who created the Boysie as a parody of James Bond and away to make a statement about the sillier aspects of spy novels   because the author found was not a fan of the Bond franchise or it's knockoffs. The irony of course is that in 1981 when the Fleming folks decided to start putting out new Bond books they tabbed Gardner as the new author. 16 years and 14 novels and 2 novelizations later Gardner would be most know for his work as a  James Bond author.

17 years before Gardner got the Bind gig he put out his first Oaks (first book period) novel The Liquidator. The book got good reviews and a year later was made into a movie which did not get so good reviews. You can read my review of the book here if you so choose. I have my recorder set to record the movie so I can finally judge it for myself. Friend of BAD Bob Peters offered to give me a copy of the film but as you might imagine I didn't feel real comfortable giving him my home address.

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