Friday, January 13, 2012

One Life To Live 1968-2012

 Now the truth can be told. The Llanview Pennsylvania police department seriously sucked. And with everybody having slept with everybody else there were more open questions of paternity than Maury Povich could handle in 20 years worth of shows. The rate of serious mental illness in Llanview's children must make Colorado City Arizona's look miniscule. I'd list all of the people Blair Cramer and Asa Buchanan married but you could just pick up a Llanview phone book. Can you come back to life after dying of a brain tumor or Carbon, Monoxide? Hell yes if you live in Llanview.

I only make mention of this because it's like a day of morning in Casa De Count. I thought this was the dumbest damn show on TV (well no dumber than other America Soaps I guess) but the Contessa loved it. In fact She threatened to get rid of the cable when it was announced they were ending the show. I put my foot down on that one! Some of the characters will be going to General Hospital I gather. (oh boy now she'll start watching that crap!) Like a good hubby in-spite of my feelings for the show I recorded the View (dedicated to OLTL) and the Final episode so she'll have it to watch when ever she misses this crap.

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et said...

The appeal of the soap opera has always escaped me, Count.

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