Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Iowa Primary Thread...

Edit by Jonathan (5:45): In the battle for Iowa delegates, a closeted bigot (Paul) and a moron (Perry) are leading in early polling.

Edit by Jonathan (5:57): Sure, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are in a dead heat with 24% of the vote with 4% coming in, but let's be honest: Mitt Romney will probably win the night.

Edit by Jonathan (6:26): 18% of the vote in, and it's virtually a three-way tie between Paul, Santorum, and Romney. There are reports that Bachman's inner circle are pretty much talking to her to quit because of her poor showing with the Evangelical vote tonight. If it's true, then au revior, Michelle.

Edit by Jonathan (6:50): Still a three way tie, with 27% reporting in.

Edit by The Count: (9:02  Central) We're hoping to have an exclusive interview with the guy who voted for Huntsman

Edit by Jonathan (7:29 Pacific): NBC poll reports that 13% of Evangelicals voted for Romney. I'm actually surprised by this. Still a three-way tie, and more reports are saying that Bachman won't be heading to the South Carolina Primary. Also. Anyone surprised that Santorum has done this well tonight?

Edit by Jonathan (7:37 Pacific): It's sad that I find tonight's Iowa Caucus is more exciting than the Michigan-Virginia Tech Sugar Bowl.

Count: I thought I answered Jonathan's question about Iowa did I forget to save it?

Count: I'll answer the question again. No I am not surprised by Santorum's showing tonight. Iowa's Republicans tend to be the nutcase batshit crazy variety (Thayer, Peters) Western Iowa is a breeding ground for fundy nuts. These are the same people who keep electing that crazy racist Steve King to Congress. King might might be the craziest person in the congress.

Edit by Jonathan (8:27 Pacific): Oh Newt, you bitter, old cunt: this why people don't like you.

Edit by Jonathan (8:43 Pacific): Michelle Bachman now speaking. Apparently in her world: a health care bill that doesn't have the public option, and is still largely run by insurance companies = socialized medicine.

Edit From The Count: (10:44 central) Bachmann reading straight from a piece of paper. What does the teleprompter crowd have to say about this?

It's Romney by 14 votes... Now it's 8.

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