Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday NFL Playoffs Thread



         Edit From The Count: If the end of this San Fransisco-New Orleans game doesn't prove what a crock of shit the Tebow cult is NOTHING does. Both Quarterbacks made huge plays in the last 4 minutes and there was 4 lead changes. YET not one mention of a miracle. Nobody saying it was the work of God.

Tim Tebow is about to go 1-4 in his last 5 games. he's completed 3 passes tonight (Tom Brady has 6 touchdown passes) and yet all we heard all week was Tim Tebow was a winner. If you think Tim Tebow is a winner you must be the biggest loser of all times.

That Tim Tebow is a WINNER!


Aria said...

Broncos vs. Patriots... that's a tough call.

One one hand, no matter how much someone tries to tell me that the Patriots are a great team playing straight and that Brady is God's gift to the QB spot, they get their nuts ground into powder and served to them in a smoothie every time when they're not blatantly cheating. Plus they're a pretty fucking arrogant lot, even for the jock mentality set. Must be why Bush liked them so much...

On the other hand, The Broncos have Tim Tebow, who I haven't even kept quiet about wanting to see humiliated and given an injury that will disqualify him from coming back next year. While it would be fun to see that happen during the main event, not worth putting up with his fans while I wait until then.

Like I said... tough call.

Anonymous said...

The Tebow cult now asking people to leave God out of it. To me that is just like people who say the Palin kids should be off limits. they framed the discussion and brought these subjects to the table. Personally I believe God as much to do with this game tonight as he did the game last Sunday but they insisted it was a miracle from God. Now after a 45-10 defeat God is off the table? Sorry Tebow Cult you can;t have it both ways.

Yakki.psd said...

Well,you're supposed to leave God out of it now that he isn't putting juju on Tebow's arm and blessing those crunch plays.

But let him pull one out of the bag then they'll all be doing the Jesus=wave in the bleachers again.

Anonymous said...

OH I get it now!

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