Monday, January 9, 2012

BCS National Chammpionship Game Thread



And it starts with the worst national anthem I have ever heard sans Carl Lewis or Rosanne. Kathy Lee Gifford you are off the hook.

So far we have 3 punts and one pulled Hamstring.

We has points. A long punt return sets up a Field Goal for Alabama 3-0 Bama.

3-0 Bama after one. They look much sharper than LSU. A lot of people bitching about this game because has predicted it's started low scoring, but in all honesty I'd rather watch this than say the Alamo Bowl. but then I thought the first game between these teams was good.

Alabama's woeful Field Goal kicking could be a factor. Bama droce down the field thanks to a fake FG that just barely picked up enough.  Replays showed he may have been short but it didn't matter because Alabama's 42 yard field goal was blocked. 3-0 Bama.

This is another game that feels like the team dominating the first half is going to do a lot of ruing after they lose the game. Alabama could be up 17 or 21- to 0 and they are only up 6-0.

That's a pretty big field goal to end the half for Alabama. They were totally dominant but lead only 9-0. Still 9-0 looks pretty good right now.

At halftime some schmo had 60 seconds and 5 tries to make a 40 YD Field Goal for a cash prize. He got 3 off and missed on all of them badly. If that were the Contessa She would have made it. I've seen her make 50 Yd Field goals so 40 wouldn't be a problem.

Alabama comes out and...kicks a field goal. 12-0.

I am going to go through this slowly to explain why Oklahoma State DOES NOT BELONG IN THIS GAME.

LSU was undefeated playing in the toughest conference in the country They obviously earned their way into this game.

Alabama is dominating the game. So they obviously belong in the game. Ipso Facto if Both these teams belong in the game Oklahoma State does not.

Alabama interception. LSU is going to have to switch QB's.

Alabama misses a Field Goal. totally dominate still only leads 12-0.

Another field goal! This one dead center from 44 yards.  15-0 Alabama.

OK The Game sucks here's Giada's Twitter Avatar. 

LSU crosses the 50 but penalties and their usual fuckups lead to a 4th and 18 which of course they fumbled back to Alabama.

Alabama SCORES A TOUCHDOWN! REALLY! Then they miss the extra point of course. 21-0 LSU!

Thank Merciful heaven it's over! 21-0 Alabama Final

Late edit by Jonathan: There should have been a boxing ref to end this bloodbath. LSU can make any excuse they want, this was an old-fashioned, passionate ass-whuppin. What a stunning, almost beautiful, bare-knuckled performance by Alabama's defense.

Could not have put it better Jonathan. 

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