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Man I haven't been this busy in I don't know how long!

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It is amazing that there are people willing to display such ignorance in public.

Do you really think AKA Obama would have won the election if all the things he is hiding were made known?

Do you really think AKA Obama will be able to finish his first term if all the things he is hiding are made known?

Do you think Obama spent a fortune keeping his history secret because there wasn’t something to hide?

If Obama said, “I have nothing to hide, but I am hiding it”; would you believe him?

If you are not suspicious of a man who hides his history I have a bridge in the desert I want to sell you.

If you are unwilling to call for an investigation of a man who attempts to sell you a bridge in the desert I have some beach front property in Florida at the intersection of I-75 and Florida # 29 that I want you to buy.

If you place a down payment on a contract for the bridge in the desert and the beach front property in the swamp I would conclude that you voted for Obama.

Obama will be exposed –Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this issue
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Why Obama and His Birth Documents are Not Authentic!

Does This Document Make Me ELIGIBLE to be POTUS? (or get a passport to go on a Dream Cruise?)

Here is my birth certificate. No, wait that isn’t true. To be accurate I need to say, “Here is a scanned copy of my alleged “CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD” that has not been vetted by qualified forensic document examiners.”

Scanned documents aren’t valid evidence of anything even if they are legitimate. The entire reason there is a professional field known as forensic document examination is that a great deal can be told from examination of the original document itself. Much, much less can be told by looking at a photocopy of a document and very little, if anything at all, can be told from looking at a digital image that purports to be an image of an original document. Too much opportunity for adulteration, no opportunity to examine the paper, the ink, and any impressions made on the paper, etc. These online arguments discussing images are like people studying animals by examining imitation scat.

The documents Obama would like the public to accept would not meet the standards of “evidence” in any court of law, any administrative hearing, any congressional investigation, application for any license, passport. or official ID papers

We the People will never know if Obama is a fraud unless the original documents are submitted to a panel of court approved certified document examiners. Certified Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

Full Story Here:

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