Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anonymous Music Producer. = Haven't Produced Anything You've Ever Heard

I’m not an endorser of ANY mainstream media outlet because I feel they are all on the take for ratings without going the full mile of telling it like it is. Nor are they covering the full spectrum of the stories thus operating from brief sound bites for the sake of making Ad space. In short though, I WILL say that every fact that most the commentators say on FOX with regard to the FACTS has been pretty square, but you Liberals are only offended because you won’t accept the elephant living in your living-room. I don’t even have to go to Fox to blow a hole in the Liberal lies.

There is indeed a racist element in play, by it’s not “primarily” on the “Republican” side. Why? I’ll tell you why. I was raised in the South, I loath racism on BOTH sides of the issue! I think it’s the perspective of knuckle-dragging idiots who can’t think for themselves. I will tell you the facts that I’ve witnessed as a white person raised in the South… Being white (just like if I was black or any other ethnic influence), you can imagine in some of the relaxed environments one can find themselves’ in. True racists will let themselves be known.

I’m also in the music industry. And as you can imagine, I’ve worked with a variety of cultural artists fro Country all the way through with some rapper friends as well as other styles of music that influence the African American community.

Democrat racists readily make themselves’ known without even realizing it. On both counts, it’s because of their obvious tendency to recruit people into their Ideology, My experience is that I’ve run into far more racism coming from the Liberal Democrat perspective because they have been so propagandized by the “ASSUMPTION” that if you’re white and conservative in nature, that you’re a “Tea Bagger racist”, and that you fly a rebel flag in your front yard and burn crosses.

I hardly ever run into ANY people who are racist to the core in the manner that you extreme Leftists claim. Only a card-carrying Democrat Liberal would make such knee-jerk claims.

I always make it a point to denounce any sort of racist comments on both sides pointing out that they, in doing that, are being jerked around by the media or BAD culture to think that someone of another color or class is evil by whatever measurement they have been taught. We all bleed and have feelings, dreams and desires for good. We just need to be sure to deflect the hate-filled projections being handed out through media.

- Anonymous Music Producer.

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