Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tiger Is Ready to Speak...He Just Doesn't Want to Answer Questions

Ok...short of the PGA's prodigal son and man-whore extraordinaire either telling the world that they won't have Tiger Woods to kick around anymore and hide-away in the Tibetan mountains with Buddhist monks or release a laundry list of every woman he's fucked behind Elena's back, do we really give a rat's ass what Tiger Woods has to say tomorrow in his press conference? The man is stained for life because he couldn't keep his dick inside his pants for five minutes, what could he possibly say that will make his situation better? Woods may be the greatest golfer in a generation, but even his legendary skills aren't going to completely erase the fact that he's a bigger cheating scumbag than John Edwards.

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Anonymous said...

You know what fuck this guy. I honestly don't care what he has to say. I'm pretty sure he'll be a victim. He'll be all over the tube tomorrow which is reason enough to spend more time with our loved ones or read a book.

While I am at it Fuck the Gossipy, celebrity drivin, paparazzi loving culture in this country.

Tiger Woods made this story but we keep it going by continuing to care.

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