Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yes More About Bob

The poll is about to close tomorrow and it looks like bad news for nobody gives a shit about what he has to say.

One of our trolls who likes to call people names and steal identifies also likes to post anti-Nebraska comments thinking it bothers me. Amazingly somebody on Newshounds posted anti-Nebraska comment thinking it would bother me. Who was that somebody? Gosh darn it was Bob. way to give yourself away sunshine.

BTW Since Bob lives in Iowa and he's hooked up with Batvette that should work out well. Not saying I want an invitation to the wedding because I wouldn't go but they should send be a thank you card for hooking them up.

Late Edit: Oh Good Lord did I make this one shit himself but good!

From Bob's blog planetbobblahblahblah

Little did I know that with this one little post I would have such a fun time. You know, over at the Newshounds site, a lot of folks there are fond of the phrase “Batshit Crazy”, usually in response to one of their “favorite” conservatives. I thought I knew what Batshit Crazy was. I had no clue until today. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “The Count”.

So who is “The Count”. The Count is the gentlemen in this post that made the “I will erase your comments on site” comment. You know, the tolerant one. Well, it seems that in response to my asking The Count why he would delete opposing points on site, the good count has decided to put up a poll at his Blog asking whether or not I should be allowed to comment at his website.

Let me give you a little more on the Count. First, I became aware of the count after HE first commented here at my site ( http://planetofbob.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/rest-in-peace-chuck/ ) For some reason The Count thought I was someone else, and even after I told him I wasn’t who he thought I was – Imagine that there are actually more than one “Bob’s” in the world – He couldn’t shake the fact that I was lying to him(The Count has trust issues).

In addition to his initial comments, “The Count” posted three of my PlanetofBob posts on his own website.

And just when I think I finally convinced him that I am not “Ranger Bob”, he now seems to think I am “Suicide Bob” (I have no idea). He also appears to have a problem with someone called “Brunswick Bob”, although he is yet to accuse me of being this guy. But I’m sure he will.

I’m beginning to think that “The Count” was anally violated by Counselor Bob when he was at Camp.

So folks, I’m thinking that I need to amend a comment I made earlier. I stated that I didn’t think this recent phenomenon of shutting out opposing views was a left or a right issue, and I still don’t think it is. It does however appear to be a “Somewhat Sane” vs. “Batshit Crazy” issue, and I think we all know which side of that fence the Count fell into.

Stay tuned…. This could get interesting.


Bob left a little bit out of this story.

Why did Bob get upset when I said certain people wouldn't have their comments left on the board If he never posted on my blog? Seems to me he would have said "well he's not talking about me I never post there anyway."

But the truth is Bob has posted on my blog and the things he has posted he is not telling you. Like calling other people who post run our blog 'whores" Or stealing their identities. I am pretty sure if I were to post as DaveinNJ or
call DaveinNJ a cocksucker on his blog my posts wouldn't be allowed on his blog either even though the truth would be on my side.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the supposed Newshounds poster "Shaun" is who is making sweet friends with Parasite Bob on his blog.

Anonymous said...

I see Bob can;t let go of his obsession with me.

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