Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow. He Posted This Thing Here Last Week

Boob is going for divide an conquer an age old troll tactic and it never fails to work.

Okay, so of you know who I am, others don't. I'm the long-winded conservative who is probably an annoying distraction to some of you, and to the rest of you..... Well, I'm probably just an annoying distraction to you.

But I have a question? If the left in general is so tolerant, and if Newshounds specifically is so critical of Fox for "censuring" and controlling the news, why is it that they "moderate out" so many of the comments from the right-wing readers.

Heck, even though we are in the supposedly unmoderated off-topic form - which I have found to be so much more open - I'm going to be surprised if this one actually makes it.

And yes, I understand that this is THEIR site, and they have every right to make their own rules. And yes, there is certainly no place for comments that are vile, threatening and violent.

But I have to ask, what are you afraid of?

You see, I have the advantage of knowing what critical comments Newshounds will post - at least with regards to the comments I make. And yes, there are times when, even as I am hitting the "Post" button, I think to myself "Oh, that will never make it on". But those times are few and far between.

Some of you will say I'm mean-spirited, rude or a smart-ass. Well, I'm not going to argue the smart-ass one, guilty. And occasionally I am a little testy and rude, but only in response to people that have generally called me much worse. I know that's not a great excuse, it's a shortcoming. BUT, to my knowledge I have never name-called someone who has been civil with me.... and yes, there are a few people who have been civil with me.

There are also a few people - Like Doo-Dah and CafeenMan - who I have butted heads with in the past BUT who I have also had some great dialogue. And I really appreciate it.

Recently I started saving some of my posts. Why? Well, I find that if a post doesn't get through - and we're talking about one that, I think, should get through - not a mean or a smart ass one - I find that if I resubmit the same post a few hours later, it sometimes go through - probably a different mod.

Until recently. There was one recent post that I just for the life of me couldn't understand why it wouldn't go through, and I tried several times.

There was an article a few days ago - 1/26 - called "Glenn Beck Keeps Tottering Close To Calling For War And Pretending Otherwise" that contained the following line:

"Of course, Beck never mentions in these rants how he, himself, seemed to express admiration for the mind of Hitler." And the words "express admiration" were a link to a comment that Beck supposedly made expressing admiration for Hitler.

Here is the link:

First of all it's a "Media Matters" article, so it's hard for me to take too seriously - But hey, if I'm asking NH to be more open minded, I need to be more open minded.

But not THAT open minded. Not only is it a stretch to say Beck shows his admiration for Hitler. there is NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION of Hitler in this post.

So my question was simple: What in this link shows admiration for Hitler? And, that apparently was deemed to controversial to post (although the same non-Hitler link remains today).

I have other examples, but lets start with this one? You see, one thing you have to try and understand is that - and I know I'll get blowback for this one - I am not a fan of Fox news, nor am I here to defend Fox news. Occasionally I will defend something someone on Fox says - but 99 times out of 100 I am commenting on either the obvious ethical concern, or the obvious hypocrisy.

Yes, I am a conservative, and yes, I get annoyed at hearing things from the right like "Death Panels" or Birth Certificates", and I express those comments in my discussions with fellow conservatives.

But I think where I part ways with several folks here is that I think there is room in the world for both conservatives AND liberals. As a matter of fact, I think a world of just conservatives, or one of just liberals, would be a world doomed to fail. The truth is, we need each other - we need the balance the two parties bring - although I would prefer the balance three or four parties bring, but that's another issue.

And in order to coexist ("coexist" - isn't that something you folks have on the bumper stickers on you Prius? - see, I told you I couldn't help being a smart-ass), we all have to work at being better conservatives, or better liberals, or better..... whatever.

But if you aren't willing to listen to the other side - or worse, if you are denied the opportunity to listen to the other side, well then.....

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bob was being "civil" when he used to the female blogger here as an ugly whore.

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