Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prayer Of The Count

Dear Lord: I realize that I am one of your blessed subjects though as you well know far from being one of your most righteous. As I look around the world and my very own country that I have been blessed to live in I see so many with problems so much worse than mine Lord still there are days when so many little meaningless things build up one right after another that one can't help but feel overwhelmed. Today was one of those days.

First of all dear Lord thank you for making my Mother free from any ailment that may be truly serious. As you know She had her checkup today and as you know most everything checked out fine except that she needs to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Give her guidance Lord and protect her during the surgery and recovery, And give her an answer to the burning question should she file a workers comp claim so she will quit calling me 15 times a night to ask my opinion.

Lord I realize that you probably are not a fan of American Basketball but I have to ask Oh Heavenly Father what do you have against Nebraska's Mens Basketball team? Is making them perpetually lousy the Divine one's idea of a joke? If it is Lord nobody down here is laughing. Well actually everybody outside the state of Nebraska is but that's not the point. Tonight you saw fit to bless Nebraska with a lead the whole game only to play Lucy to our Charlie Brown and pull the ball away just before we kicked it. Why Lord? have our sins been that egregious? You know Lord because I am faithful, or more likely because I am a sap, I will be right back Saturday believing that somehow someway it will be your will that we actually win another basketball game. And just before your will be done you will step back gather steam and kick us right straight in the nads again.

Finally Lord I pray for my brother John, Uh, Bill, Uh, Sue, Uh, Nipigon whatever his name is Lord only you know for sure. As you know me and Brother Bill don't see eye to eye for he has in my opinion proven to be somebody quite phony which is something I have a hard time forgiving. I can over look the fact that he's nuts Lord but that phoniness doesn't wash with me. Anyway I made Brother Nipigon upset again tonight Lord. I committed what to him was a most egregious sin. I said he wrote something very well and agreed with him. Now Lord I must admit I did not foresee the anger with which I would cause with in Brother Nipigon when I wrote that I thought it was his best post and +1 which is message board talk for "me too" But of course you knew this. But this act made Brother Nipigon very mad. mad enough to write a private message to me to express his anger.

Now I must admit my response was probably not the most Christian response ever written But you would think, well maybe not you, you know all, but most people would think when I said I liked what you wrote, I agreed with what you wrote now quit writing me because you are nuts he would get the message. He didn't. He wrote me again and again. Now Lord I personally have no problem with a man or woman's sexual preference. maybe you do but if that's the case I'll let you deal with it I have enough on my plate doing my job without doing yours. But when I am the object of that persons desires it's my job to step up and say I am flattered but I am sorry I am straight and not interested in you and even if I were not straight I would not be interested in you. As you know when I told brother Nipigon this he started to repeat everything I had said to him earlier when he wrote back to me and told me I was nuts and not to respond to him any more. Since then Lord as you know Brother Nipigon has wrote me YET again All this Lord because I agreed with brother Nipigon and thought he wrote a nice post.

Anyway Lord with your blessing the best part of life is no matter how good or how bad one day has been tomorrow we wake up and that day is over. I thank you again for the blessings you have bestowed upon my life and if my worst issues are a Mother who can be bothersome, A basketball team that constantly sucks...err...isn't very good and a crazy nutter with a crush on me I must be living the good life.

Thank You Lord


P.S. Lord I read Brother Nipigons last PM and as usual it made no sense.

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