Monday, February 1, 2010

Bob Made A Friend

* Although oddly enough when I made a deal with Bob on a PM he objected to something I said to batvette so it's possible they are one and the same...

Bob, does he make up things you never said and follow you around making you explain them too?

(to wit, claiming I said "I singlehandedly won the cold war", among other things)

On the thread, I would say the number of times I've been moderated for what appeared to be purely partisan reasons in the comments of news articles has been fairly few. It's happened, but I haven't been in there for a couple of years, maybe it's changed.
However on the "off topic" board there was the instance of the thread I started presenting the evidence Joe Wilson was a liar and I (IMO) successfully defended my position as it went to 300 posts. This heinous offense got me banned for "disruptive posting" so I can't say there may not be some truth to what you say.
As has been pointed out it does happen in forums on both sides of the political fence. Consider yourself a superior person if you're spending more time in the arena with challengers than in the one with syncophants.

Posted by: batvetted on Mon 2.1 10:33pm

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