Monday, February 22, 2010

A Reason For Me To Watch Curling

In Yet another sign I am getting old I turned on MSNBC and saw that Olympic curling was on. Before I could turn the channel I noticed one Cheryl Bernard the Captain of Canada's curling team. My first thought when I saw her was wow she's kind of attractive. My second thought after I found out who she was, was...44? really?

Canadian Olympic curler Cheryl Bernard.


et said...

Curling always makes me envision some lonely, very bored Viking types thinking: "Hmm. We haven't seen the sun in months and it's bitterly cold outside. What can we do with a big rock and a couple of brooms?"

I know that's not how it happened, but I like my story better. :-)

Anonymous said...

I always thought Hockey came about because Canadians got tired of only being able to play soccer a few months a year so they invented Soccer on ice.

et said...

Oddly enough, lacrosse - not hockey - is Canada's official national sport. Could've knocked ET Daughter over with a feather when she heard that.

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