Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Policy Of This Blog

All 3 people who post on this blog are responsible for what they post.

What I post is my opinion.

What Jonathan posts is his opinion

What ET Posts is her opinion.

None of us are responsible for what the other person posts.

Nobody here makes any money from this blog. ( not even sure where that even came from)

IF I feel anything Jonathan or ET has posted is somehow not appropriate I will delete it. I think I have done that 1 time. I have erased my own posts on many occasions.

I will say what I want to say on this blog. If I say something that the other two people find inappropriate I would consider their opinion and make a choice and most likely agree to erase the post. I will not let some fool like Nipigon tell me what I can or can not say here. If he wants to start a blog say what he thinks about me and set the rules he can knock himself out.

I also can decide who I do not want leaving comments here. Not sure why I have to defend this but it seems I always have to. Again if Nipigon wants to start a blog and rip me with out me being allowed to say a word fine by me.

If your posts consist of calling the other 2 people who post here Sexist or Racists names you don't get to post here.

If your posts consist of long rambling nonsense about your online ministry you don't get to post here.

If you leave post after post after post that neither make sense nor contain anything of substance YOU do not get to post here. I do not understand why Newshounds tolerates this but they do.



Anonymous said...

I posted the policy of the blog in a permanent place.

et said...

Amen, Count.

Let me add that I, personally, do not take kindly to anybody trying to tell me where or how I should participate in any online dialogue. I am not a football; I will not be treated like one; and, by Gods, if I am, I will kick back with a vengeance.

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