Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say Something Nice About Somebody

Time for a feel good thread hey?

Say Something Good About Somebody;

ET: Very wise! One of my favorite people from Newshounds. I draw strength from her guidance.

Jonathan: Wonderful with words (wish I had his writing gift) also very intelligent. Great young man.

Edit from Jonathan:

Count: a man who never minces words to speak the obviousness of a situation, and a passionate Cornhuskers fan, and a good friend all-around.

ET: The voice of reason on the O/T, and here on Banned and Dangerous. An incredibly wise woman I would like to aspire to be like.

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et said...

Something Good...hmm....

Count Istvan: honest, unapologetic and spirited in equal measure, a balancing skill which I have yet to master. Also, exceedingly gracious in the resolution of the dispute between himself and Ellen, which was a joy to see.

Jonathan: A young man with a livelier interest in current events than I had at his age (to my current regret), and who energizes me daily.

The NH Community as a whole: with only a few exceptions, my favorite place to be. I may not post there as often as I used to, but I read, I mark the comings and goings, and the people I have come to love there over the years (years! Imagine that!) have become fast, real-life friends, which is an eternal gift.

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