Saturday, February 27, 2010


The Losing streak is over. The men beat Texas Tech 83-79 in Double Overtime. Picked a really good game to go to. Have more to say later. The Losing streak is over

Sek Henery scored 21 points and hit several big 3pt baskets.

Late Edit From The Count:

I am not saying I don't get mad and say things like my God these guys suck more than anything has ever sucked before in the history of sucking or Christ you guys are fucking morons BUT I do not base my love for team on win loss records. Being there in those years when the team is...not very good makes being there when the team is...better much sweeter. Sure I would rather win a helluva a lot more than this team has won. It would be pretty cool to be one person out of say 3 or 4 thousand people who could honestly say they were fans of Nebraska's Women's basketball team before they got on this run and became one of the best teams in the country. Imagine how they must feel tonight now that their team is 27-0? Not say the other 10,000 people at the Women's game tonight aren't thrilled shitless that the team is doing so well. Hell I am. Well maybe not shitless but pretty thrilled non the less. That being said for that small group that has been there all along this must be soooooooooo sweet right now.

You take the good, you take the bad you take them both and what you have? Well besides a really bad TV show? So for the people who questioned why I even bothered watching Nebraska's game with Texas Tech today let alone got up went to Lincoln and cheered on a 1-12 team I say I did it because someday that team will be 12-1 (yes I still believe that) and when they are man am I going to be so happy. happier than the the other happy guy sitting next to me because I was there way back when.

So I went to the game today with a friend I was going to go with the Contessa but somebody else wanted to go and given the Contessa 's feelings for basketball let's just say she wasn't disappointed. Knowing there wouldn't be a great crowd at the game I bought the cheap $10 and moved to the $20 section before game time. The Devaney holds 13,500 seats there were about 7,500 at the game and even that was better than I thought we would have. The Men's game started at 3 the women's game at 7 and a Lincoln Stars hockey game also commenced at 7 so parking, especially getting out was awful. If you showed your ticket from the Men's game you got into the Women's game for free. I would have hung around and watched the women but my friend had to get home because he had to watch his kids. BTW where as the Men's game was played in a half empty arena not only did the women sell out But because you could get back in for free with the Men's ticket they actually had to turn several people away at the door.

The weather gods were on our side today we got a 35 degree day with sunshine. Not hardly summer but not nearly as bad as what we have been getting. It was JR. Days for the Football team (high school Jr's being recruited by the school are brought in) so Bo was at the game sitting below us several rows as was Barney Cotton and Jeff Jamrog. Bo Pelini was with his older daughter who seemed to like to dance a lot out of her seat. I didn't go up to him I wanted him to be able and enjoy the game + I was afraid I'd say something stupid.

Anyway as for the game after getting out to a 19-16 lead Nebraska played a stretch of their worst basketball of the season and that is really saying something. Nebraska trailed 33-19 and there was no reason to really hold much hope that this game would be any different than any other game this year was worse. By halftime we got the lead down to 8 and then the best part of the game to that point took place. The Half time entertainment. The Red Panda acrobat. A chick on a unicycle balancing dishes.

As her closing bit she balanced about 10 dishes on one foot while peddling with the other foot and kicking them on her head. She was better than any Superbowl halftime and probably cheaper as well.

Nebraska was still down by about 8 or 10 when they went on a 20-2 run and took a 8 point lead with 4 minutes left and seemed to have control of the game. But this Nebraska so they blew the lead. BUT they did do something they haven't done much this year especially in conference...found away to win. Sek Henery and Brandon Ubel, who are normally the two whipping boys for the fans, as if it's somehow their entire fault this team has been so lousy, were the heroes today especially Sek.

So to answer Jonathan's question was this win significant? Not really but it was a win and I celebrated it as such. There is no sure thing with this team but Colorado at home Tuesday could be if not should be another win. Win or lose Nebraska will still almost certainly finish in last place But as if they were my child when they lose I may get disappointed but I don't love them any less.


Jonathan said...

What is the significance of the Cornhuskers win?

Anonymous said...

None. other than it's a win after 7 loses. :)

BTW 27-0 for the women they beat Missouri 67-51.

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