Monday, February 15, 2010

New Bot Only Deals In Jelly Beans

hey guys! i'm new here. my name's kylee and i'm from Portland.

i like baking and baking friends. oops i mean making. hahah.

umm i want to make new friends! hopefully a real strong man like johnny bravo to
sweep me off of my feet and pick me up and vibrate me like a baby! (...just kidding!)
i reckon i like watching silent picture trailers more than i like watching movies
and i wish that people would condense all movies to 3 minutes on youtube.

if you hope for to send me a back massage i can pay off it in jellybeans or uh.. nevermind.. i can deal you out in jellybeans ONLY.

i'm a gorgeous noble person. i don't care about anything. except for myself.

it's shiveringly cold here during the winter and most of the year, so how does a fit as a fiddle little one girl stay|presentable?

i seldom get to go outdoors so i use spray tan. it works like magic and it covers up whiteness.
so don't worry my flushed cheek friends (you don't have to lie and hint that you put on too much blush anymore!) ok anyway.
i have planned boys swooning through me and let me tell ya.. i'm running| out of jellybeans ;) ;) sooooooooooooo

Posted by: ExcincMig on Mon 2.15 2:12am


et said...

Gawd, was that a joke or what?

Anonymous said...

The latest one...

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