Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Guess I don't Get It...

You cannot measure decency; it is an inherently subjective concept.

I found this statement to be so incredibly idiotic that honestly I was dumbfounded for a response to it. Think about how you start your day:

Most people everyday brush their teeth, comb their hair, shave, put on deodorant and get dressed. Why do we do this? Decency and we are judged for it.

Maybe if we have time we eat a breakfast. Why do we choose what we eat? we eat what we have judged to be at least decent.

We go to work (because it allows us a decent life style)

In the car we may listen to some form of entertainment (because we have judged this to be decent)

We don't kill our co workers, even though there are some we can't stand (because to so wouldn't be decent) And oh by the way If we did we would have to go stand trial and have our decency judged.

We talk to those co workers we do like. (because we have judged them to be decent.)

If we're married we come home to a spouse (whom we married because we judged them to be decent)

We eat supper (again a judgment call on decency)

We then choose what to watch, what to read, what to listen too and what to do all on the bases of whether or not it's a decent thing to do.

We have laws in this country based on what is decent and what is not. You may not agree but those laws pass that judgment.

By pointing out liberals made comments about the death of Jerry Falwell the professor while commenting you can't judge decency was judging decency.

And Oh by the way prof why did you go to Cal?

Now those are just some of the judgements in decency we make everyday

Let's talk about how we judge people.

Are there some people you like more than others? Why is that? because you've judged who you believe to be a decent person and who is not.

why do employers hire one person and not another?

Why is it when you reach a certain age you stop hanging around certain people because you don't like what they are doing?

What makes you vote for one person over another?

You got it...decency.

Why do you choose who you choose to make financial decisions with? On the basis of whether or not you think that person is decent. If you don't make these judgments on decency you would be taken advantage of everyday of your lives. If you don't make these decisions See how fast you go broke.

The person who spends their lives working for the benefit of the many is more decent than the serial killer. Is this not common sense?

To day we can't judge decency is render every Biography written and every documentary ever produced immoral. Would you take the show seriously that said we don't know if that Hitler guy was decent or not that's up to you. You know that Jeffrey Dahmer we're not sure if he was decent or not.

We make so many decisions in a day over what is decent and what is not we don't know we are making those decisions and the day we quit making those decisions is the day we quit breathing. Then other people will judge us.


George Bush said...

Miss me yet?


et said...

I think it is a fallacy to suggest that any of us can step completely outside of our own preconceptions and awareness of the world and then measure any kind of value-related judgment - such as "decency" - objectively and dispassionately. Everything we are and perceive is filtered through our own individual lenses, colored by our upbringing and experiences and the societal norms we are born into.

Another way of saying this is to say that when an essentially qualitative judgment is in play - i.e., is something worthwhile, decent, fair, honest, ethical, etc. - to insist on quantitative measurement is not only kind of irrelevant...it's not even possible.

Would it be nice if we could check our personal baggage at the door and apply the same standards across the board, in all situations? Maybe so. Maybe it's a goal worth striving for. That doesn't make it a realistic expectation, though, either in the specific Falwell/Murtha (and there's a phrase I never expected to type!) example at hand or in general terms.

Welcome to the human condition.

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