Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Is The NFL Going To Change Every Rule That Cost Jesus A Game?

The NFL is thinking about fucking up big time because the Little baby Jesus didn't make the Super Bowl.

Bold is my opinion

INDIANAPOLIS -- An NFL spokesman said Saturday the league could change its overtime format for playoff games at a meeting next month.

There has been bitching about the Overtime rule in the NFL for years. never mind that under the NFL rule unlike the College or high school rule defense still matters and never mind the fact that the team that wins the coin toss only wins 50% of the time despite the persistent myth otherwise. It's bad enough 17-17 College games at the end of regulation end up 59-52 with skewed stats and serious injuries.

Under the new format, both teams would get the ball at least once unless the first team to get the ball scores a touchdown, Greg Aiello said. If the first team to get the ball makes a field goal and the other team ties the game, action would continue until a team scores again.

What? Unless the first team to touch the ball scores a touchdown? how does this make any sense? If both teams kick a field goal in OT...then we have sudden death overtime? OK that makes soooooooo much sense. NOT!

Under the current rules, the first team to score wins.

"There have been various concepts that have been discussed in recent years, but this one has never been proposed," Aiello said.

Could be because it sucks dick and makes no sense.

The competition committee will discuss the new concept with teams and players at league meetings March 21-24 in Orlando, Fla., when it could come to a vote. At least two thirds of the teams would need to agree to the changes for new rules to be adopted.

Please pray that some sanity reigns and more than 1/3 of the teams say fuck this shit,

The competition committee met with the players' union and players on Thursday during the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Discussion continued when the competition committee met with a general managers' advisory committee on Friday.

The debate about the rules gained steam after the NFC championship game, when New Orleans beat Minnesota 31-28 in overtime and Brett Favre's Vikings never got the ball in the extra period. Under the proposed rule, Minnesota would have gotten another possession because the Vikings didn't allow a touchdown.

There you have it folks. despite giving the Vikings the easiest schedule in the history of the NFL Jesus of Mississipp couldn't get his team to the Super Bowl. So what do we do now? Start changing every single rule that has ever cost him a game. Soon there would be a rule that whenever Brett Favre throws an interception Favre's team will get the ball where ever the defender is tackled should it be further up field from where the pass was orginally thrown. Or at the point of the Interception if it is not. Should the defender score a touchdown the points go to Favre's team.

Overtime was adopted for regular season games in 1974, a sudden-death format that allowed games to end in a tie if neither team scored in 15 minutes. Overtime for playoff games always has been sudden death.

And should remain sudden death. Defense counts. It is part of the game. Favre didn't lose the NFC championship in overtime he lost it when he did what he always does. Chocked in regulation. I have never seen one person, not even Michael Jordan, who makes people so eager to bend over and have him shove it their ass good and tight.

Changing major rules because Brett Favre lost a game. pathetic.


Anonymous said...
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Jonathan said...

This is a stupid idea.
Screw this, "the other side gets a chance to score once the opponent scores" bullshit.

As Herm Edwards once said, "You play to win the game!"

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