Friday, February 12, 2010

Open Thread

The 2010 Winter Olympics start tomorrow I think.

Can't say that I am at all interested but hey good luck to all.

America's greatest living President was hospitalized today but the good news is Bill Clinton is supposedly doing quite well. That's good to hear.

Great segment on Hawai'i's health care tonight on the Daily Show.

The NBA All Star Game is this weekend in Dallas which is currently under 8 inches of snow.

With all do respect to my Celtics friends the NBA all star game is only marginally better than the horrifying Pro-Bowl.

Baseball tonight started running again on ESPN that makes me wanna cry

Anyhoo thread is open.

Late Edit by Jonathan: The games begin with a tragic loss today:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A men's Olympic luger from the country of Georgia died Friday after a high-speed crash during training. IOC president Jacques Rogge said the death hours before the opening ceremony "clearly casts a shadow over these games."

Nodar Kumaritashvili lost control of his sled, went over the track wall and struck an unpadded steel pole near the finish line at Whistler Sliding Center. Doctors were unable to revive the 21-year-old luger, who died at a hospital, the International Olympic Committee said.

That is so sad to hear. I hope there will be some form of tribute to Kumaritashvili during the opening ceremony tonight.


Jonathan said...

The opening ceremonies start tonight.

et said...

We're watching with interest, especially given that things are unfolding more or less in our own backyard. As recent transplants we have a whole new set of Canadian athletes to cheer on.

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