Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

So the Contessa says let's skip Valentines day this year since we're saving up for Alaska. Now I had no intention of not getting anything for her as I am not that dumb especially after I got the calendar out and discovered that this year it's on a Sunday which of course means I have to be with her all day long. So no way no how was I going to buy her nothing. So I got her 6 red roses to symbolize the 6 Valentines we spent together and tomorrow we will have a nice dinner. Hope all of you have a fine holiday in and celebrate in whatever manner you see fit whether that is with a loved one or with the picture section of Going Rogue.


et said...

Myself, I'm cooking lobster tails for the family after, hopefully, sleeping in! Hope you and the Contessa have a fine day, Count. What's this about Alaska? Planning a cruise?

Anonymous said...

Lobster sounds good :)

And yes we are taking a 16 day vacation to Alaska 7 of it on a boat. :) I will give details later.

et said...

You'll enjoy it. On a business trip to Juneau I had the chance to take a glacier-viewing trip. The deep cobalt blue of the ice is breathtaking...and you WILL see whales.

I cannot vouch, however, for whether or not you will see Russia from anybody's house.

Jonathan said...

Mom and dad are going out to dinner tomorrow as their valentine's gift to each other. I, on the other hand, am alone on this crappy, commercialized holiday where we take a 24 hr time fram to say "I love you" - as if the other 364 days of the year don't count.

As you can see, I'm filled with nothing but girl-like glee for Valnetine's Day. ;-)

et said...

The cats - especially kitten Pixel - appear very interested in the ridiculously wide vase of roses now on the mantel. Oh, well. At least it's a diversion from their latest sport of flipping the door mat and systematically removing the binding.

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