Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Questions: The "Tea Party" Edition

In this installment of my Random Questions segment on B&D, I examine this weeks tea-bagging convention in Nashville, Tennessee. So sit back and feel free to respond to said questions.

- Can we please call the tea party group for what they really are: a bunch of hypocritical, paranoid, reactionary, bigoted white folks who are being told, through Fox News and conservative talk radio, that President Obama is the second coming of Joseph Stalin? These people are protesting over the out-of-control spending that has taken place in Washington D.C., but have only began to raise their voices four months after Former President George W. Bush left office. So where were these group of patriots when he and Vice-President Cheney handed out billions dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of Americans, lied the country into an unnecessary war of choice in Iraq, and handed huge sums of bailout money to the financial powerhouses who, thanks to years of unregulated activity on Wall Street and the private sector, almost scattered the country's economic infrastructure to the wind? Oh, its a Republican president, so he gets off the hook for fucking up the country for eight years. More importantly, these angry rednecks are beginning to see the writing on the wall: that our country is rapidly changing, and my generation has little or no need for the old prejudices or backwards-thinking social norms or customs the teabaggers are trying hard to cling to like a high school girl hangs onto her crush at the junior prom.

- Exactly what is it about gay people that scares some the tea-bagging community? This afternoon, Roy Moore, the chief justice of Alabama's Supreme Court, had this to say about the president and his strides for equal right for gays and lesbians.

"[Obama] has ignored our history and our heritage, arrogantly declaring to the world that we are no longer a Christian nation. He has elevated immorality to a new level, setting aside the entire month of June to celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride. He now threatens to change our law to allow homosexuality in our military ...

First, we are not a Christian nation! Just because the vast majority of Americans identify themselves with the Christian faith, it does not mean that the country, on a national level, adopts your religion! Plus, Congress would have made an amendment into Constitution recognizing the nation has adopted said religion decades ago. More to the point, why do rednecks fear the gay man, the lesbian woman? Do these people believe that they're carrying some disease that will spread to the rest of the population? Or is their fear based on the fact they do not fit the mold of what their world view should be for both genders?

- To my Republican friends: is this really the way you want to attempt come back into power? Off of the politics of spreading hate, fear and bigotry? When Tom Tancredo, the former Congressman from Colorado gave the opening keynote speech yesterday, stated that Obama wouldn't have become president if there was a literacy test in order to vote, do you endorse his words? Can you honestly look me in the face and claim that you support Tancredo's desire to bring back the Jim Crow-era racism that robbed millions of African-American men and women the right to participate in our democratic process? When I hear of stories of neighbors hanging Obama in effigy, or when I see right-wing supporters carrying signs that link the sitting president to Hitler, Stalin, etc. and misspelled racial epithets about the president, do you actually support this kind of extreme hate speech? Or do you turn a blind eye to such dangerous and reckless speech, that in your minds, the ends justify the means, as long as you reclaim power on Capital Hill? These people represent your party as a whole, whether you care to accept that reality or not.

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Count Istvan said...

I wrote this on newshounds...

I have come to a conclusion on this Woman. If she manages to be anything more than a sex symbol and hero to all of the nutters and losers in our society it won't be the nutters and losers who put her back in to the national spotlight. This woman is a half term governor with a following that consists of a bunch of right-wing lunatics who do not have an IQ of 100 between them And yet tonight as I read twitter posts from people whom I normally respect I couldn't help but wonder just why WE not THEM are waisting so much time on her. Why WE not them are keeping her name a live. Why We not THEM are keeping her relevant. And maybe by this thread I am guilty myself.

For the better part of 2 hours I read, Oh she is such a liar, oh she is such a this, oh she is such a that, why is this network or that network giving her all this time. My question was why in the fuck are you watching her? Why are you getting upset by what she says? Why are you paying attention to what she says? You know if you weren't watching her every-time she is on TV hanging on every word she wouldn't be on every network right?

Why do so many otherwise smart people say "oh you know Sarah is so full of shit, I'll bet everything she says is a lie...What time is she on so I can watch? Then comment about everything she says as if it matters."

My day started with a funeral and I'll be damned if I was going to end it listening to a nincompoop like Sister Sarah. While many smart people were gnashing their teeth over one of the dumbest people who has ever stumbled upon the national scene I was listening to Frank Sinatra. If I am going to listen to a well paid Republican entertain a group of other drunken Republicans I may as well be entertained as well right?

If you back out of the way of this woman she will hang herself. She's too stupid not to. If you continue to follow her every move and make an issue out of every nonsensical thing she says she will only prosper. When the ratings come out for Saturday night and they're high you'll know the Palin brigade will spin this as proof of how much this nation loves her and how she is our hero. You know they may not be wrong? It's time to stop giving Sarah the attention she craves and time start giving her the attention she deserves. With out our help I really don't believe she'll ever be much more than a pin up girl for the right-wing nut machine

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