Monday, March 15, 2010

Batvette Victim

Kudos to John L. for while his opposition is as spirited as any of you, he hasn't distorted my position into a right wing caricature and has the acumen to discern a bit of reality: I haven't had cable TV, let alone Fox News, since 2001 or so. While it may appear I only choose viewpoints that oppose people here, it's because nobody bothered to engage me (nor are they expected to actually) when my posts were within the status quo. The fact some of you only notice and enthusiastically engage me in threads you oppose me in indicates it is not I who is the only party to trolling.
Sounds like someone tracked all the threads I post in? Care to list them and talk about all my conservative views outside of the Iraq war, and newly formed opposition on AGW hysteria? Even that is actually motivated out of concern for the environment, as well as jobs and exposing liars.
I do find the creation of this topic rather laughable, as if one ad hominem assault with my name on it was not enough but since we see where that line of discussion has left us I guess fleeing was the only option.
guffaw hoody hoo hoo. What did Kerry mean by "I served in a free fire zone"? My politician/english translation book says "I did nothing and what idiot would admit complicity to actual crimes under oath, but it sounds horrible, I hope enough stupid ideologues buy it and vote for me".
I find it hard to believe those of you with any intellectual capacity at all, and certainly that excludes several here, but the rest- would you frequent a forum where all you expected was ass slapping syncophants? Would such a forum improve your position on issues in time?
Why the hell do you think I'm here and not at FreeRepugnik?
While I have that ever present human fault of willingness to argue to the end if I'm sure I'm right, I know if I throw my **** at the wall here it's either gonna stick or fall off and get kicked around, in the end I'll know the result is a better version of the truth. If I am proved wrong I don't lose, for I learned something I did not know before. Conversely I tried to bring facts that I felt support my position and though I know it won't change yours if you added those facts to your mental arsenal or I added yours (those that brought them at least) to mine, something positive was accomplished.
If that's reprehensible then I better go rethink this humanity thing. Or post a thread asking "why do I bother trying to impress you people when I'm merely the current punching bag for directing partisan ire for?"

Posted by: batvetted on Mon 3.15 3:12pm

Aria you got owned before you even hit the "submit" button with this brainfart:

"his parroting of FOX NEWS/Rush Limbaugh propoganda"

Not only do I truthfully assert not having cable or watching fox news for 9 years, I never could stand Rush Limbaugh and once almost quit a job because a fellow employee insisted we listen to that windbag for hours each morning.

If you'd like to start on the long road to credibility city, go ahead and copy and paste said parroted propaganda I post along with the thread I posted it in and the transcript of said fox or rush show parroting the original line.

I don't think backing up your hit pieces is too much to ask around here, but if you like save yourself the effort. They don't exist and my alleged conservative stances on the few issues I posit them on are fresh and my own as preposterous as they may sound to you. and in fact limited to the iraq war and now the AGW cavalcade of stupidity and dishonesty.

My name for it and when the truth is shown that impeaches my beliefs I will concede it and switch to your side so fast your head will spin and you won't even have to beat me down to say uncle.

I am smart enough to know admitting you are wrong immediately is more credible than insisting forever that you are right when you're not. I doubt I'll ever get to teach you this wisdom firsthand.

Posted by: batvetted on Mon 3.15 8:09pm

OFF Topic: Some small changes to the blog. I Originally just planned to keep this until the 18th But I kind of like it.

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