Thursday, March 25, 2010

The attacks on Democratic lawmakers over the health care bill? A bunch of liberal nosense!

This is outrageous. Despite the stories about Democratic lawmakers in the House, and their families, being threatened by right-wing loons over the health care bill passing, and the racial slus that were spewed at African-American congressmen, and the hoomphobic remarks launched at against Barney Frank, Mark Noonan has the nerve to say these attacks , threats, and whatnot, are nothing more than a fabrication. I am not making this up.

I call BS on all such stories. We know the stories of racial epithets at the Capitol on Sunday were false, and its my contention that all the more recent accusations are also false.

Yes, this includes Stupak’s voice mail – unless you can provide forensic evidence linking someone to it who has voted Republican in every election since 2004, I won’t believe its an actual conservative/Republican/TEA Party member doing it. Absent such proof, my presumption will be that its either a flat-out lunatic or, more likely, a false flag operation…such as has already happened many times since the Democrats first started to tremble in fear of the TEA Party.

Furthermore, we know from experience – and Matt from personal experience with union thugs – that the violence comes from the left. Unable to win an argument and knowing that if patriots get the truth out, they’re cooked, it is natural for the left to try either intimidation or slander to derail the opposition. They’ve tried intimidation, and it didn’t work – now they’re trying slander.

We’re on to your game, liberals, and we’re not having any of it.

This is how far down the right-wing has fallen? To actually deny that lawmakers and their families have been threatened with violence?!
What the fuck is wrong with you, Mark??
This isn't about some half-assed conspiracy theory that you can happily ignore and stick your head back up your ass.
This is about public servants being threatened becasue of how they voted. These reports of attacks, or mention of attacks is a serious matter, no matter if it were a Republican lawmaker or a Democratic lawmaker that was threatened.


Anonymous said...

All you have to do to intimidate Nooner or his ass boy is run up behind them and yell BOO! Then the shit flows freely. You have to keep in mind to Racist like Nooner and Mark the other teabaggers aren't racist.

Anonymous said...

a great teabagger quote for you

"Three words: Not. Good. For. The. Country."

from a tea bag you tube video

THE TEA PARTY & THE CIRCUS - Final Healthcare Reform Protest

watch if you dare or havent if you have clean out your puke bucket I can smell is all the way up here in denver


Anonymous said...

Classic. Nobody ever accused the America hating teabaggers of being intelligent.

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