Friday, March 19, 2010

Now "The Drugster" and Crybaby Beck are smearing an 11 year-old boy

Apparently, picking on a 11 year-old kid isn't beneath these cocksuckers.

Marcelas Owens, a young boy who's been appearing on TV and at press conferences with Democrats who are trying to sell their health care plan, is a new fascination for some right-wing pundits, who have been saying incredibly cruel things to and about the Owens' family and tragic history. Owens' mother died in 2007 of pulmonary hypertension – a rare condition that requires constant expensive medical care - after she lost her fast food restaurant job and her health insurance. The family's representative in the Senate, Democrat Patty Murray, talked about Marcelas at President Obama's recent bipartisan health care summit and ever since, the boy and his grandmother have been granting interviews and speaking up in favor of Democratic health care reform.

Here's Limbaugh's comments:

"Now this is unseemly, exploitative, an 11-year-old boy being forced to tell his story all over just to benefit the Democrat Party and Barack Obama …And, I would say this to Marcelas Owens : 'Well, your mom would still have died, because Obamacare doesn't kick in until 2014.'"

And here's Beck with his:

"That's the George Soros-funded Obama-approved group fighting for health care…Since all of the groups are so concerned and involved now, may I ask where were you when Marcelas' mother was vomiting blood?"

Lovely. Picking on a fucking kid. These two guys aren't men. They're a pair of fucking cowards of the first order.

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Anonymous said...

And of course the irony is the Right pimps out a 14 year old kid at all of their functions.

Like I said before if you want to know what the conservatives are doing just keep track of what they accuse you of doing.

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