Monday, March 15, 2010

Walking The Fine Line.

I have no problem discussing the idiocy posted on Hamilton Burger's AKA Mark Koldys site. In fact I like it. However I will not allow this blog to be turned into just a place to argue with Burger's bunch. John had asked some of the posters their to come over here to argue (maybe I am wording this wrong) An in retrospect I wish he hadn't. I don't want his sheep over here.

I don't have anymore of a problem discussing what gets said over there than I do discussing Blogs for Victory or Jeremiah's blog. But I will not allow this blog to be turned into a war zone. If I need to be more specific if You're coming over from Burger's blog to fight and throw insults don't bother. If you go over to Burger's blog to fight and throw insults why? Let them have each other it's all they have.

Honestly I am fine with $ and his bunch not thinking much of me. It means that I am doing something right.


john t said...

I did put out an invitation on here to Danny to come and debate me civily on here. Sorry about that. But I didn't ask any more of them. I'm not even allowed to post over there.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Count.

But I did try to warn you SOME of the SORE LOSERS are trying to take hostages for my outing Jeffy Bovine.

You don't have to argue with the Koldys sheep.

Just nuke them


Anonymous said...

I like discussing them and bringing up their idiocy my problem is not with you guys.

If they come over here and looking for a fight don't give it to them just let me zap them.

Jonathan said...

Ralphy left this nugget.

Ralph said...


March 16, 2010 11:50 AM

Adios, Ralph. Thanks for playing.

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