Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Hypocrite Koldys/Dollar

Johnny Dollar

Our pal AAP (aka Patsy) is still obsessed with this site. He's cutting and pasting comments here into the NH off-topic forum. He took a lengthy comment from yesterday by Ramjet and reposted it there. Only he did a strange thing. Ramjet's comment was a reply to Julie, but Patsy changed that to make it look like it was a reply to me! I mean, the comments are threaded so it's easy to see that it was a reply to Julie. Ten seconds of reading would make that obvious as well. So it appears that AAP just changed it to be dishonest. Yeah, well that was always the most likely explanation.

First of all I think what AAP did was put Mark Koldys in there to let people know where it came from. Secondly he's talking about someone being obsessed with his site when he goes through every nook and cranny at the NHs to find something to bitch about, just like he did in that comment. Hell, he even goes through the archives to find shit from 1,2 even 3yrs ago to smear them with. I'd call that a hypocrite.

And Dollar, after you read this and turn around and accuse me of doing the same thing. Yes I do read and C&P comments from your site. Just to show the hypocricy and stupidity of you and your sheep but I don't then just turn around and accuse someone else of being obsessed with another site.

BTW Dollar, you might want to take a look at some of your sheep. 99% of Blackfongs comments are about the NHs with C&P and Danny Boy, well I won't even go into that. He's an ignorant worthless POS.


AAP said...


Anonymous said...

It's clear from the amount of time on his hands that his law business is not exactly booming.

john t said...

I think there's something up about him not being a lawyer anymore. He probably got disbarred.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Indeed!

I saw Marky's post about 3 or 4 hours ago, but didn't have a chance to write a reply.


John T is 100% correct. By posting vloody stool's (ramjet) comment, I wanted to show his stupidity. By changing the recipient's name to Mark Koldys, I wanted to show how the same garbage vloody stool is spewing can be said about Mark Koldys.

But I never thought I would be Marky humiliating himself.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...



Mark Koldys

There are over 100 comments in this thread and I have been too busy to follow it closely. So I'm unclear on exactly what the bone of contention is here. Perhaps we could just take a breath and have a simple direct statement on exactly what each person is talking about. Danny, you could give us what Julie said that you consider a 'damnable lie' by quoting her exact words that you are referring to. Julie, do likewise for Danny. Then we can deal with it once and for all.

Mark Koldys, March 17, 2010, 7:08:03 AM


Marky, do yo want me to hold by the hand show were the boys room is?

This is what WE have been telling you MORON.

You have allowed your whorehouse to become whining rug for your sheep. All of the useless fucks.
All of you.

-Marky, over there they said so and so about the Baboon.
- Marky, over there they said so and so about you.
- Marky, over there they said so and so about Billdo.

- Go out and defend them Marky!
AAP was mean to me again!
Go lecture him!



Anonymous said...

Just left a couple of posts at Marky's crapper.

I don't have any expectations of Marky allowing them, and I don't think it is necessary to re-post them here.

BFD. As if we didn't know about Marky's selective sanctimony.


john t said...

Now Olby Sucks is trying to claim he's black.

The Dreaded Patrick said...

Once again with the monicker IM Reaks I have got into Dollars site, I made a comment to Mikec and those idiot went off about it. Once again not talking about cable news they are truely our bitch.

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