Wednesday, March 17, 2010

His Aunts Worried And She's 56!

Obama needs to go...NOW!! Do you really think he cares for America sooo much that he won't give up on
healthcare for the American Poeple. Ha no. He is doing this to satisfy his ego. The Liberals in Congress just want to pass something to pass something! No matter if it is bad for America. My family is very worried about this bill passing, my aunt especially and she's 56. Heck I am worried and I'M ONLY 16!!! That must tell you something that even a 16 year old knows this is wrong and it's against the constitution. Are all the people who are "for" this bill going to be "for" it when they get very sick and a doctor decides you have no chance and it is going to be wasted money to keep you alive so they let you die? OH I know...they'll find a way to blame Bush. This country is going to hell if we let Obama and his inflated ego keep this up.

Posted by: foxfan23 on Wed 3.17 9:59am

Do you know how immature you just sounded CafeenMan. Obviously you didn't read my post because I am 16. There are some geniuses on this site I am telling you right now. Wow superb maturity level

Posted by: foxfan23 on Wed 3.17 10:53am


Anonymous said...

Fox Fan is 16 years old?

And Mark Koldys lets a gun-totting gangsta-wanna-be spew its vile at the Crapper?

No wonder why Fox Fan worships Jeffy Bovine. They have to hatched from the same reptile.


Anonymous said...

I just like how he says and she's "56" as if that's old.

et said...

Foxfan23 is such a ridiculous little oaf.

Same2u said...

Funny, the FoxFan I know from Johnny Dollar place said once he was in his thirties.

But I agree that he is a big woozy who collects guns.

john t said...

When someone has to keep saying they're 16yrs old, odds are they're not. He's lying out his ass.

john t said...

Oh look, little idiot Olby Sucks still has nothing intelligent to say.

Anonymous said...

BC said...

Fuck you, patsy. ;)

Funny Dog Fucker just said nobody said I was patsy.

AAP said...

The only dog fucker is patsy. ;)

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