Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stupidity personified

This was left over at the New Hounds O/T Forums:

He is turning the United States of America in the the Socialist Country of Obama
Posted by: foxfan23 on Tue 3.23 5:20pm

Really, kid? The Socialist Country of Obama?

Under the health care bill, there's no single-player plan, or a public option. There hasn't been an attempt to seriously regulate the private sector. Did I mention the various lobbying groups still hold a vice-like grip on Washington?

Obama a socialist? Please, kid. Come back when you know what the hell your talking about.


Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is he prolly read that Socialist Country of Obama and thought it was clever. Don't you hate it when elected officials do what they said they would do?

john t said...

He claims to be 16yrs old. I'll bet he didn't read the 2000 and some pages of the HCR bill.

et said...

Yeah, yeah - foxfan23 is 16, Reformed Liberal is a black Canadian turned conservative living in the American South, Groot Geld is a fervent anti-abortion teen in Arizona who doesn't want to debate on threads he starts....and I'm an albino Guatemalan aboriginal who has transgendered and become a Satanist.

Ain't the anonymity of the Series Of Tubes grand?

Visitor55 said...

foxtard23 claims he's 16. But the little idiot has the mental maturity of an 8 year old.

Anonymous said...

Of course Jonathan is going to college to earn a degree which anonopussy will never have to have a career which anonopussy will also NEVER have. Jonathan will also earn money which well you get the point.

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