Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Hypocrisy At The Dump

This is why the little prick Danny boy thinks Pegleg Peggy and I should be banned from the NH's.

"No, foxy, it is because both John T and Pegleg Peggy deal almost exclusively in ad hominems. There is rarely any intellectual content in what they have to say. They don't make any arguments. They just call names and ridicule. John T. repeatdly calls Blackfon and senile fool and he calls be an idiot and a prick. Pegleg peggy loves to call Grammie a drunk and she suggests that both cecelia and myself need kneepads in our relationship to Johnny, but there is nothing sexual in her suggesting that Nooooooooo."

Well, yes I do call them that at the NH's site. I'm not even allowed to post on Dolllar's Dump. Yet this is one of the rules Dollar gave NewsHounds Julie about what he allows on his Dump.

Johnny Dollar

"However, snarky name-calling at people who don't comment here, while maybe not polite or even intelligent, is not a violation of the rules. I'm pretty sure there aren't many sites that forbid commenters from attacking or even name-calling on people who aren't even part of the conversation. I guess you could call immunity from such barbs an extra bonus of being a responsible, rule-observing commenter here."

So, the little prick Danny boy thinks NHs and probably this site should go by rules even his Lord Dollar doesn't go by.


Anonymous said...

What really pissed Danny off is we don't give a shit about what he thinks. This is what bothers a lot of his ilk.

Anonymous said...

Is this all they do is talk about Newshounds?

john t said...

"Is this all they do is talk about Newshounds?"

Yeah, Nhs and Olbermann. Every now and then they might talk about David Shuster of MSNBC not tweeting for so many days. Now that's some big news.

Patrick said...

Danny is like a little boy look at me, look at me, look at what I am saying about you, all he want is some attention, he is just another member of The Koldys Kiddie Korner cries and whines when you call then on their obvious lies.

Dont forget johnt, Dollar likes to talk about ratings. you and me as well. I love it when that little girl Assley get going about makes my day, when they start talking about everything that is not related to cable news.

Anonymous said...

I am going currently by Anonymous because I am having tech problems with my computer, too long to list.

Anyway, down to business.


(Responding to NH's Julie Driscoll, a pot meet kettle discussion)

That our appellations and repartee is tame in comparison is not -- beside the point-- it is THE point. And that is that we are NOT talking about the normal flame or sarcasm in the case of JOhn T and company. We're talking about cesspool so extraordinarily putrid that it makes one wonder how it was tolerated for so long and by so many News Hounders.

Drunk Gold digger, Thursday, March 11, 2010 8:06:27 AM


I wonder if the Drunk Gold digger still frequents Crapper 1 where many of Mark Koldys's gems reside, if she is still posting there and sees nothing wrong with the company she keeps at Crapper 1 and the shit Marky loves to stir.

I am not suggesting any of you guys have a shot at Crapper 1, that turd is better left untouched as it reveals the true character and hypocrisy of Mark Koldys. On that one site, he claims it does not belong to him, he has no moderation authority but he is the main contributor of piles and piles of shit and personal attacks, that is where Marky lets his hair down.

Over at Crapper 2, he acts all prude and proper mostly mindful of his sheep shitting in his pride and joy defending the Fox gNOpig Propaganda Network and talking about irrelevant cable gossip.

Marky is quite successful in his enterprise. A quick look at the sheep's comments reveals their continuing obsession with News Hounds and Keith Olbermann. They don't comment much on the garbage Marky links to.


Patrick said...

Hey Blackdung for a guy who does not give a shit about us, you sure as hell are talking about us. Is it that hard to find something to do during the day when schools are in session? Get a life you ignorant fuck.

Anonymous said...

ImNotBlue says:
March 12, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Glynnis MacNicol says:
March 12, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Look who wrote, while I was posting!

Of course, she says the picture will remain because it’s been there for almost 4 hours. La-ame.

Although, I do applaud the banning of Bovine… thank you!


Mark Koldys

Patsy takes another hit. From mediaite:

Glynnis MacNicol says:March 12, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Mr.GlennBovine has been banned from the comments section, for obvious reason I think.

March 12, 1:10:01 PM


Don't lose any sleep over it Marky.
I was banned because I dared to tackle two shit flinging Baboon lovers and expose their bullshit.

But it is nice of you to notice, since you are also mentioned in my moniker and no doubt your little sheep, or even yourself, will have a peek at what it is said about you Baboon defenders, just like the pedophile Blackthong did.

One last thing you cock sucker Marky, Mediaite was not the first site to pick up the backlash against the Baboon on his latest paranoid attack. Let's hear your highly qualified defense of the Baboon, Marky, if you grow an ovary.


Patrick said...

ZoneDaiatlas: I extend my condolences to the Olbermann Family but not to Keith.

This is a comment left a Dollars KKK Klub. This is shit, that let this post go through, this is beyond cold, the man loses his father and this idiot still cannot separate Olbermann hatred for Fox News and the death of his beloved father. Dollar you ass you are a piece of work for letting this go through. Just shows the class this idiot has. What would you say if Beck's father dies and someone at Newshounds said condolences to Becks family but not Glen himself you and that idiot Assley and retard Chimeri would go off about all Newshounds is, is a hate site, BLAH BLAH. You Dollar as the lowest of low and this ZoneDipshit is just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the KO bashing over there would take very long to begin.

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