Monday, March 15, 2010

Pot, Kettle...Heeeere's Jeremiah!

Well, what do you know? A new week has barely begun and Jeremiah is out of the starting gate with a fresh-picked bushel of nonsense. He reads words that aren't written, sees things that aren't there, and himself (ab)uses every tactic for which he assails Those Evil Liberals. He tries to make it sound like it's about his favorite topic, but as usual with Jer it's mainly about the fear. Read on - we'll undoubtedly be getting a lot of this sort of thing over the coming news cycles, as health care reform finally comes to a head.

After opening with some "analysis" from the American Thinker blog (I won't link - suffice it to say that its staff frequent Dennis Miller's and Bill O'Reilly's programs, and one runs the aptly named site Right Wing Nuthouse), the madness begins...
All in all, all this bill amounts to is another one of the big-government, centralized-authority liberals (communists) pork barrel spending sprees. Something else to rob the elderly of their social security.
Health coverage for uninsured Americans is a "pork barrel"? Does Jer not understand the terminology? I mean, he's usually so precise - just look how he clearly and in great detail describes the common ideological ground between liberals and communists......with parentheses. He might also have noted that the elderly have Social Security thanks in large part to legislation enacted by lawmakers with more faith in "big" government and centralized authority than he possesses. Lots of dissonance bang-for-the-buck there, in just two sentences; however, we have much more ahead.
One might say that it "wouldn't be so bad" if the bill didn't contain abortion in it, but we know that the liberals couldn't be more dissatisfied if it didn't have abortion contained in it, because it is not only money for the Democrats coffers, but it plays right into their agenda..."there's unsustainable populations of people on this earth, we have to do something about global warming", blah, blah, blah, and that sort of pro-death, fear-scaremongering non-sense.
Setting aside the knot of quadruple negatives for the moment, I regret to inform Jeremiah that Words Mean What They Say, and the only way that abortion is mentioned in the health care reform language is to specifically disallow any kind of government funding for insurance covering the procedure. Continuing to insist that the facts are otherwise is just pathetic. It's like insisting that it's actually a bologna sandwich just because someone spread the peanut butter in a circle.

Interesting attempt to link advocacy for a woman's right to choose with a response to climate change, though, as though everyone but Jeremiah is pushing population control as a rationale for the first and a solution for the second. "Pro-death." Talk about your fearscaremongeringnonsense!
That's how communists a.k.a liberals work. If they can scare you into believing a lie to fulfill their pro-death mindset they'll go at extraordinary lengths to accomplish it.
Did you see what Jer did, just there? That "communists a.k.a [sic.] liberals" reference is just what he's talking about: extraordinary lengths to scare you into believing a lie! What a great example you mean to say that he didn't realize that he was engaged in precisely what he's complaining about? Oh. Never mind.
Even go so far as to pass such a pro-death bill behind closed-doors partisan sniping session.
Not that conservatives have ever done anything of the kind. Why, remember when they were trying to be so bi-partisan about things that they cut off hearings in the middle of Democratic testimony, and often wouldn't allow their opponents so much as the courtesy of meeting space? All terribly noble and aboveboard. The Founders would be so proud.
Bipartisanship and especially the will of the people is totally dismissed from the get-go, and of course, that's a perfect exemplar of fascism, given that the Democrats have it so clear on display for all to see.
The will of the people is dismissed? But, Jer, it's the "will of the people" that put the party you happen to dislike in the majority. It's called v-o-t-i-n-g. And I have two questions. First, can't you make up your mind? Communists, or fascists? Can't have it both ways, you know. (Or, more likely, you don't, and just like to use scary-sounding words.) And, second, if all these underhanded deals are happening, why would the Democrats make anything "clear on display for all to see," particularly evidence of fascism? Or are you hallucinating again? Too much Ovaltine will do that to you, I hear.
Of course abortion is what the bill is about, or else they would have scrapped their plan and went with the modified version by one of their own who has some modicum of sanity, Rep. Stupak.
See above, about Words Meaning What They Say, and no amount of declaiming to the contrary changing that core fact. No matter who's talking. But you know how he operates - when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail; when you're Jeremiah, everything's about abortion.

As for Stupak's "modifications," if you want fascism, then you've got it right there. His language would not only disallow government funding for insurance covering a medical procedure which - hate to break it to you, Jer - is still LEGAL in the US. It would go further and specify that no private funds can be used to purchase such insurance. Get that? Stupak would like to be able to tell all of us as individuals that we cannot spend our personal funds to purchase a legal product supporting a legal medical procedure. Forget government "getting between you and your doctor" - Bart Stupak would like to get between your bank account and your insurance agent and your doctor, all at once!

And Jeremiah calls that "sanity." Pull up your hip-waders. It's mighty deep out there...and I don't mean the water.
Barack Obama is nothing more than a dictator, and people who blindly follow him don't realize how truly dangerous he is, no, he is Dear Leader.
Funny, Stupak sounds a lot more dictatorial, by my reading. But I guess that, in any case, this proclamation puts the "communist" line to bed, if we're already a dictatorship...again, apparently, on no grounds stronger than "Jeremiah Says We Are." By the way, I doubt Jer knows that Dubya issued nearly 300 Executive Orders over the course of his administration, while Obama's current total sits at 44, well behind his predecessor's pace. And let's not even talk about how different Obama's attitude toward and use of Dubya's favorite toy, the "signing statement," has been.
What more reason do the American people have to wake up and smell the coffee? And no, that not the coffee-Astroturf party that the Liberals have going in response to the true Americans in the Tea Party.
Oh, this is rich. No, literally! I refer, of course, to the well-heeled corporate funders of the oh-so-grassroots "Tea Party" that the patriotic Bible-thumpers who populate Jeremiah's imaginary world adore. Americans For Prosperity. FreedomWorks. Koch Industries and the Scaife Foundation. Faux News, of course. Big-business conservatistas and master orchestrators of "spontaneous" movements, all.

Yet Jer thinks that the "coffee party" is the astroturf? The Coffee Party that started with an idea on a Facebook page a few weeks ago, and uses Google AdSense to defray its web hosting costs?

Follow the money, Jer. And consider switching to decaf. You're clearly too wound up to think straight.
But the kind of coffee where you wake up to in the morning and realize that reality has just struck...we need to get the Democrats out of power, and fast.

Well, if all comes together, Conservative prospects look to be pretty promising.
I know you're trying, Jeremiah. It's a thankless job, doing your daily darnedest to demonize everyone who doesn't hold your own arch-conservative views. Working tirelessly to persuade people to take positions against their own best interests and those of their families, neighbors and friends, all so that big business, Wall Street, talk radio and televangelism can continue to flourish at society's expense. And, especially, trying to enforce your own personal hangups on the morality and behavior of an entire gender, as if shoehorning a size 8 foot into a size 6 shoe.

Do yourself a favor and take a rest. Because when health care reform becomes a reality, and people realize they're benefiting from it more than not...that it offers them one of those rare patches of certain ground under their feet...that the sky hasn't, in fact, fallen? Then you'll regret all those lost hours beating your paranoia drum for nothing, and Conservative prospects will be less promising than ever.


Anonymous said...

I notice Conservatives do this.

They spend and spend spend and accuse you of spending.

They marry 3 times and accuse you of not having family values.

They run fraudulent protest groups and accuse you of astroturfing.

If you want to know what a Conservative is doing just listen to what they are accusing you of.

Anonymous said...

I love the reactions to his blog.

it's Like Stephen Colbert. You can basically choose between great post or greatest post ever.

et said...

You know what else, Count? If you leave negative ratings (1 star) on any of his posts - as I have been known to do - a couple of days later they are all mysteriously cleared. He's such an honest and upright example for us all...

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