Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Batvette Was "Bato" Or The Real Batvette

How about some oldies but goodies before batvete/vetted was really a liberal. Now it's Possible "batvette and "batvetted" aren't "Bato" but let's get real...

Some homosexuals are not female. I had some friends once who had some window treatments done by a male homosexual, yet he was not a lesbian.
Bato | 04.09.08 - 4:48 pm | #

Someone said there is a call-in "gay" day coming up. I don't foresee that it will be a big problem. I mean, how many people actually need to have new window treatments or floral services on the same day.
Bato | 12.09.08 - 11:39 pm | #

Democrat president Bill Clinton was impeached after he got caught with a pudgy Jewish intern.
Bato | 12.09.08 - 4:55 pm | #

Gays were not as common back then. Bible Times were before Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand albums, and before Liberace and the Village People.
Bato | 12.08.08 - 9:14 pm | #

How do you know he's not a moslem? Granted, he has a normal name, but could still be moslem even with a normal name.
Bato | 12.08.08 - 7:05 pm | #

True, these are the people that want to put GWB on Mount Rushmore!
Palin/Bush 2012 | 12.04.08 - 12:11 am

Good grief. Not before Reagan.
Bato | 12.04.08 - 12:51 am | #

A Christmas sticker is no different than having to watch people publicly walk around in muslim garb. In fact, it's smaller and less intrusive than garb, which is sort of "in your face." You can't escape it. Not even in Wal-Mart or Target. If Christmas is banned by the liberals, then their favored groups should have to wear normal clothes in public places and not garb.
Bato | 11.10.08 - 8:28 pm | #

Yes, he is very much pro-Kenya and his muslim relatives there.
Bato | 11.02.08 - 9:59 pm | #

Drudge is also exposing Obama's Aunt Zitoonie, who, according to the A.P., turns out to be an illegal alien possibly getting public housing assistance illegally.
Bato | 11.01.08 - 3:02 am | #

And Obama, unlike the Dems at Annie Mae, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Franklin Raines, Jaime Gorelick, etc. also will no longer give people loans they don't qualify for just because they are minorities. Obama will share the loans with unqualified Caucasians, too.
Bato | 11.01.08 - 3:18 am | #

Maybe Obama's Aunt Zitoonie, if she's not deported, can get a Fannie Mae loan for a house so she won't take up a citizen's place in the public housing.
Bato | 11.01.08 - 3:21 am | #

Uncle Wright has a 10,000 square foot house. Maybe he can take Aunt Zitoonie in. Does she play golf?
Bato | 11.01.08 - 3:22 am | #

Obama: "I promise to put a delapidated couch on every porch!!"
Bato | 10.16.08 - 8:59 pm | #

Well, first of all, Biden can help plagiarize govt. documents and can advise on botox and hair-plug legislation.
Bato | 10.15.08 - 9:46 pm |

Now it's time for McCain to bring up Obama's views on abortion and infanticide.
Bato | 10.15.08 - 10:12 pm | #

It just shows that most women and some gays tend to "vote with their thighs."
Bato | 10.15.08 - 10:13 pm |

No, they hate all non-muslims. We are, in their words, "infidels."
Liberals often think history began last weekend.

That's one of the redeeming things about WWII--no innocent women, children, or other civilians died in any allied fighting or bombing, or when caught between allied and Nazi forces.

That could be. Afterall, didn't the govt invent HIV to target black gays??

But Hillary could still name Obama as her VP candidate to lock in the black vote.
Ted Haggard and "Uncle-Pastor" Wright are probably in Africa hiding from the media.
I enjoyed the afro-gyrating stuff that Wright did in his videos to pander to his peoples. For an old man, he can sure electrify those hips!
Progressives just don't want to listen to white people.

Don't be ridiculous. Obama's mother was white. It's Obama's "uncle-pastor" and Obama's rich wife Mchelle who have the huge chips on their shoulders.
They hated Kerry, too, and Kerry is mostly white, although he married a rich woman from Africa.

Obama's speech was written and rehearsed. Nothing new there. He also had incentive for making the speech. It was a CYA due to his ambition to be president. It's his "Uncle-Pastor" Wright who should have made the speech. Obama had to make the speech because he got caught. I don't think their will be a huge spike in the number of interracial marriages this week.

Michelle Obama should also give a speech on why she has such a huge chip (mountain) on her overly-rich shoulders. Her $300.000 salary alone would be enough for 5 middle-class black families.

Clarence Thomas has more black blood than either Obama or "Uncle-Pastor" Wright. And was raised more humbly, and certainly not as arrogant.

No one has claimed that the white bell curve doesn't have a low end, too.

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