Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tennesee Vs San Diego State Real Time Thoughts

It Appears as if the game is getting ready to start just 20 minutes after the scheduled tip off time. This game follows Ohio's 97-83 upset of Georgetown which so far is the upset of the tournament.

Washington just beat Marquette my bracket is shot to fuck. This has been a great opening day.

Hey 13:51 left and we finally got a media timout. It's 11-10 San Diego State. Both teams missing a bunch of shots early. Something that could be troublesome for SDSU. UT is getting a ton of offensive rebounds early. The game is at the Dunkin' Donuts Center ( great name...not) In Provindence, Rhode Island. Crowd is dead you can hear the SDSU cheerleaders loud and clear. Announcers Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery are working their fourth game of the day and you can tell. SDSU has to keep Tennessee off the glass better.

11:40 Left 14-10 SDSU. Both teams Ice Cold. They are not just missing shots they are about to kill somebody with these errant bricks they are throwing up.

SDSU struggling at the moment. They can't hit a shot. 8:29 left UT on a 8-2 run and it's 18-16

As I type that SDSU hit's a 3 and goes up 19-18.

6:14 Left 22-21 Tennessee. After a very slow start both teams are heating up now the last 2 minutes have been entertaining.

SDSU has a damn good Point Guard in DJ Gay.

2:30 Left in the 1st half and it's 30-24 Tennessee. SDSU looks completely out of sink at the moment and UT is starting to hit some 3's. It's been a very close game to this point. This is the largest lead of any team. SDSU has to get some closer shots. Or start hitting some of these 3's.

52 seconds left in the half and it's 32-26 UT. UT got the lead up to 8 but has failed to score it's last 2 trips down the court.

34-26 UT. SDSU scores 2 points in the last 2:30 minutes of the half and 5 points in the last 6:14. They are having real trouble getting a shot. It's a good thing Kansas went to Half time and they showed the last 45 seconds on CBS because my internet feed of the game became some douche watching the New Mexico-Montana game.

Wife just came in and commented about basketball on tv and Basketball on the computer...blah blah blah. I said yes what a world we live in.

UT Came out and got the lead up to 37-28 but SDSU has scored 4 points in a 5... Now 6. 37-34 UT.

OH That looked liked Saturday night at Dollars place. The UT male cheerleaders rolled around on the court while the mascot a person in a blue tick hound costume bounced around on top of them.

15:47 to go 39-34 UT.

SDSU just missed a lay up that would have tied the game and UT came down and hit a 3. 42-37 UT 12:39 left.

UT steals an Inbounds pass and goes coast to coast for a dunk 44-37 UT. SDSU answers 44-39.

10 minutes left and SDSU is sticking around. 44-41 UT. UT has gone ice cold. Also UT has 6 team fouls the next one puts them in the bonus.

9:18 SDSU takes a lead. 45-44.

They just said SDSU has never won a game in the NCAA tournament. Neither had Nebraska so I can't say much.

7:48 Left 46-45 UT. UT player took an elbow in the jaw and fell down his teammate walked over and kicked him. Even the announcers laughed at that.

Ahh CBS switched to this game making it easier to watch and type. Kansas now well ahead of Lehigh.

The announcers just commented on the number of airballs in this game. There has been a ton. timeout SDSU 6:05 left 48-45 UT. It's been a close game if not a particularly good one.

SDSU just missed about a 4ft shot by 6 feet.

SDSU just got hit with a horrible call and Steve Fisher is pissed. UT is ahead 53-50 SDSU missed a shot and the ball was tapped out both teams went for it and fell to the floor. Somehow they called SDSU for a foul. Even Raftery and Lundquist thought the call was crap.

Makeup call? 55-52 UT with 2:30 left and they call a moving screen on UT. But SDSU called for traveling.

SDSU trapping and they got a turnover. Sloppy game. Lundquist just said it was a relatively error free game I do not agree.

#15 for SDSU is cut and has to come out of the game. Steve Fisher told him to hurry up.

They just switched games with out announcing it that's nice.

That part about blood on the jersey may have been the Wake Forest game :)

Nope it was this one he's back.

57-54 UT with a minute left.

Texas and Wake tied with 57 seconds left.

Gay makes 2 free throws it's 57-56 with 45 seconds left.

Foul on SDSU.

UT missed both free throws but got the rebound

UT just hit a 3 60-56 UT.

UT just fouled Gay shooting a 3. 3 free throws.

He makes the 1st.

makes the 2nd.

timeout UT 60-58. 9.5 seconds left.

made the third 60-59 UT.

No foul there on Wake...bad call anyway back to this game...

UT at the line 7 seconds left...

He makes the first and it's 61-59 UT and Tennessee calls a timeout to ice their own freethrow shooter. No they probably want to set their defense.

SDSU a 3 to tie the game at the buzzer is short.

62-59 Tennesee final score. They play Ohio who upset Georgetown next.

Sorry Jonathan.

This game was kind of split as far as the pick and having watched it I would guess that if they played 10 times UT would probably win 6. They were a little better but not much. Very close matchup all night.

Crazy day 1 continues. Wake Forest hits a shot with 1.3 seconds left to beat UT 81-80. UT missed 4 free throws down the stretch. 2 by a guy who shoots 90% 2 by a guy who shoots 70%

One game left.

Montana and New Mexico and New Mexico is up by 1. Can another 3 go down to a 14?

New Mexico holds off Montana to end a wild day 1.

Tomorrow will be a little tough. I have to go to a memorial service at 3 so I may not get to watch any of the morning or afternoon games.


Jonathan said...

Thanks for doing commentary on the game. Really appreciate it.

Watching the game tonight, how would you analyze how both teams have been playing?

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think it's been Kind of sloppy. Both teams were tight as you might expect early and it's just been a tough defensive game.

Anonymous said...

I picked SDSU maybe that was the problem.

Anonymous said...

The President went 12-4 today but G-town killed his bracket I went 10-6.

Patrick said...

Georgetown killed my bracket but I did pick Cornell to go the Sweet Sixteen.
I have West Virginia winning it all

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