Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Will Ralph Give The Interview?

He's being asked to provide an interview on "the person behind the blog." Too brilliant! Do you think he'll take them up on their offer, or will the Rapture Ralph for President campaign have to step in on his behalf?

Do it, Ralph. Please, please, pretty please!


Anonymous said...

I'd give the interview. If it were me. :)

et said...

I so, so, so hope he acquiesces. GO for it, RALPH!

Anonymous said...

Did Ralph bother explaining how Hillary killed Shemp's cat?

Anonymous said...

I like the new Glenbeckesue conspiracy chart.

Anonymous said...

The campaign blog seems moribund.
Isn't there an possible Senate or House race available for RALPH?

et said...

My heart's not in it right now, Anon. Too much personal crap filling up my life right now. I'm sure he'll find his stride eventually and bounce back. Just not right now.

Anonymous said...

Well the real world ended last year when President Obama was sworn in, according to Ralphy. With his god's blessing Ralphy's hard work was rewarded by denying him a boarding pass apon the golden ship for outerspace. Thus he was left behind to convert the faithless before their souls perish forever. What better platform for the strugling Jebus warrior too speak to a larger audience? Much more effective then Ralphy stocking us on the internet to post on sites we visit IMO.


Yes I know I was left behind too. Anyone meet someone who was not? I did not think so. Thus Ralphy has been proven correct about the apycolips.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Roach!

I am not familiar with Ralph and his doomsday prophecies. I find the shit flinging Baboon's more entertaining.

Last Saturday, I believe it was the 27th, the Baboon went into another of his "all hell is gonna break loose if you don't listen to me" rants.

If anyone is interested, Media Matters has a much more detailed recap of the event.

Also News Corpse does pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck's interview of RALPH is the one that I want to see!

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