Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little Help For Our Friend Rush

Instead of bragging and doing a victory lap we should reach out to our Republican friends and help them all that we can. I will start by helping out our friend Rush Limbaugh

Costa Rica is the ideal tropical paradise for your vacation. Tourists can enjoy the pristine beaches and see whales and dolphins play. For Nature lovers there is a great variety of exotic wildlife and tropical plants. Butterflies and orchids, crocodiles and sharks, turtles and Toucans´ are everywhere. The rainforest covering the mountains are a paradise for eco tourism.

Life is good in Costa Rica, a friendly, democratic and peaceful country.

For action vacation you can surf, hike, do rafting, canopying, diving, deepwater fishing and snorkeling. You can go with a low budget or seek the more exclusive resorts.

For relaxation there are beautiful unique golf courses and luxury spas. The hotels have all the modern comforts in the most private and secluded environments.

Costa Rica has it all.


Jonathan said...

I am willing to clean out his medicine cabinet for him.

john t said...

I'll rent a fork lift to cart his lard ass to the plane and get him on it.

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