Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big XII Men's Basketball Thoughts

Final Standings In Conference
Kansas 15-1 29-2
Clearly the best team in the conference and one of the contenders for national honors.

Kansas State 11-5 24-6
Loss at home today to Iowa State is exhibit A on why it's impossible to take these guys seriously no matter what their record or talent level is.

Baylor 11-5 24-6
Quietly Baylor has come on to be one of the best teams in the country. They will never get much press in that shithole known as Waco.

Texas A&M 11-5 22-8
Another team that never looks impressive all they do is win.

Missouri 10-6 22-9
pressing and fast break style is a headache for teams who can;t match their athleticism like Nebraska in the first round of the Big 12 tournament but lack of discipline costs them games they should win.

Texas 9-7 23-8
injuries and bad luck have derailed a once promising season + the whispers are getting a little louder that maybe rick Barnes isn't a great coach.

Oklahoma State 9-7 21-9
One of the best teams in the league at the moment. Nobody wants to play these guys.

Colorado 6-10 15-15
Another team that has a deceiving record. Colorado is also playing very well right now. Another possible spoiler and a sure pain in the ass.

Texas Tech 4-12 16-14
Pat Knight will learn his last name alone won't keep him employed. Next year is huge for Bobby's son.

Oklahoma 4-12 13-17
It was thought to be a rebuilding year but nobody expected Oklahoma to be this bad with 3 high school All Americans on the roster.

Iowa State 4-12 15-16
Win at Kansas State gives Iowa State a highlight for the season and maybe turns down the temperature on ISU Coach Greg Mcdermott's seat.

Nebraska 2-14 14-17
With their lack of experience Nebraska probably needed some luck and as few injuries as possible to post 6 wins in conference this year. They got neither and finished 2 games behind #11. Doc Sadler still has the benefit of the doubt with fan base and remains quite popular but he can't have a repeat of this season next year.

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