Monday, March 15, 2010

Danny Hates Me He Really Really Hates Me!

*this is Bob Peters of Planetbob

I just clicked on Planet Bob for a lark and over at his wonderful blog Bob Opines...

For some reason, the always misunderstood “Count Istavan” (misunderstood because…. well, because he makes no sense), has for some reason linked to this blog from his. The jist of his link was that since he didn’t want to have anyone leave opinions he didn’t agree with, they could do so at my site or another one he linked to. Okay, whatever.

Not that it will drive my traffic or anything. His site consists three contributors, and the “comments” is generally their stroking of each others ego’s. Actually, two of the contributors can actually write some good stuff every now and then – can you guess which one can’t?

Anyhow, it is with open arms that I welcome all of the Counts readers. Or should I say, BOTH of the Count’s readers.

Oh my where to begin? First of all Bobby I have to say that misspelling Istvan is an honest mistake that anybody could make it's a tough name. HOWEVER Misspelling G-I-S-T is truly impressive even by your standards. There is a reason I linked to your blog. You and your ilk ( not to mention at least one Newshounds regular) were always here whining about not being able to post here. I gave the reason. I also gave those people 2 such places that they could post and just have a jolly good time until their lil Penis' were smacked bone dry. One was your blog.

As for your comments about the lack of posters on my blog. Have you checked your own blog you inbred dipshit? 1 comment for each of last two entries and you haven't written in a month. Why have you stopped writing Bobby? has big Dick's latest dance with the grim reaper scared you into silence? Did you just get tired of getting your ass kicked 24/7?

As for the other contributors on this blog yes they write MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than I do. I could not agree more and have said as much many times however the original point of this blog was not to post my beliefs but to laugh at yours. See back before you started "Planet Bob" you were posting stupid shit on Newshounds and every time you did I would re-post it here and you would shit yourself and a good time was had by all. As for the "ego stroking" Its better to stroke ones Ego then it is to stroke that little thing of $ that you stroke or that little thing of yours that Danny and Dave in NJ stroke. OK actually that's wrong. Only Danny strokes it. Dave blows it.

Speaking of Danny. I never met little mealymouthed son of a bitch. All I know of him is what I have been told and what I have read from the things that he has written that have been posted here. I can honestly say that compared to him you are a fucking genius. But then so is whale shit. Over on your blog where you bemoan the latest ass kicking given to you fresh from the Count Danny decided to stroke your cock...err...ego

danny, on March 2, 2010 at 1:25 pm Said:

It may interest you to know that Count Istavan, no doubt, hangs out at pedophile conventions and websites. We know this because the Count announced abruptly (with no supporting evidence) that Johnny Dollar’s site is loved by pedophiles.

The rather disgusting Count has learned this from an informal pollo of all of his many pedophile associates. Of course, the Count confuses this type of ad hominem attack with sound argumentation.

If you would like to read Johnny Dollar’s latest criticism of Newshounds, you will find it here

" "

I supply this link both for your benefit and the Counts. If the villainous Count wants to link to stuff he disagrees with, he really should link to that site as well.

I see Danny is a friend of Blackthon which of course says more about him then it does about me. Blackthon admitted to going to Jr. High Schools to see what the girls we wearing and then when he was called out on it lied about being a teacher. I call Blackthon a pedophile because in the losers own words he's a pedophile. And what I said on Johnny $ piece of shit blog was not that it was loved by pedophiles but one of it's lovers was an admitted pedophile and Ham Burger...err...Mark Koldys, Danny and every other follower of the cult of Mark was willingly associating themselves with a pedophile. It was my way of saying hey look at the company you keep. Are you sure these are the people you want to hang around?

Over at $ dump you have an admitted pedophile, and a stalker who fucks dogs and jerks off horses. Now If I knew that was the company I was keeping instead of just saying I am rubber you are glue like Danny has done I would move on as far away from the crowd as possible. If that makes me "villainous" I can live with that.


john t said...

Little Danny boy just loves to use the term "ad hominem attack". Too bad he doesn't know what it means. Because he is one of the biggest to use "ad hominem attacks". He just saw someone wrote it and thought it sounded good. Maybe someday he will (or have someone else) look it up and see what a hypocrite he is.

et said...

An informal POLLO? As in Spanish for "chicken"? Guess he's been spending time on your PETA post, Count...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patsy!

Anonymous said...

who is patsy?

same2u said...


Yeah I think it was Danny's use of the word "ad hominem" that led me to uncover his troll-butt over at TVNewser one time.

My first run-in with Danny was on Alan Colme's blog where he was showing off to Daddy Dollar by acting like a little prick. Of course he was using the name "Danny" at that time instead of one of the many monikers that he now uses.

Anonymous said...

Danny's use of the word "ad hominem" that led me to uncover his troll-butt

Yes, because everyone knows that "Danny" is the ONLY person on the internet to EVER use that word, right? Therefore, it HAD to be him.......

Anonymous said...

I still don't know who or what Pasty is.

Same2u said...

Anonymous Dumbshit,

Nobody uses the word to the extent Danny does, and the fact he stopped posting with the account immediately after I exposed his ass on TVnewser tells me it was him.

Anonymous said...


Visitor55 said...

who is patsy?

Well, it looks like you got a visit from wantstosuckolbermann: dog fucker/horse masterbater. That dumbass beleives that everyone is "Patsy's" sockpuppet. It's probably because dumbshit wantstosuckolbermann uses so many sockpuppets that he believes that everyone else does too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visitor. He won't last here long. I have a quick trigger with trouble makers which bothers some But I have no desire to see this place turned into another Johnny $ or an anti Johnny $. Not saying I mind discussing his site at all but I am not here to debate it.

Visitor55 said...

I hear you, Count. There's more important things to discuss than $'s cesspool and it's dwellers. However, I do like that John t is a new contributor and enjoy his posts.

John t, you can visit the $ cesspool for the rest of us. I refuse to contribute to $'s visitor stats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Count,

In short, Average American Patriot = "patsy"

Now the long version.

You might have lost some developments on the "patsy" saga if you didn't follow it on News Hounds.

Sorry for not posting the whole rant here in your blog, but you indeed have an idea about who "patsy" is.

If you go over to Reddit, sort comments by "new" and then search for you own comment "I like the way you think" you have about 70% of the saga.

The witty remark "Thanks Patsy" originated [1] because someone, don't remember exactly who it was, Cecelia, Hagzilla or Jeffy Bovine, started addressing me (Average American Patriot) as "Patsy" [2] then Jeffy Bovine in one more of his genial one liners, started replying to any comment HE thought came from me, even though it had been made by a DIFFERENT poster, by saying "Thanks Patsy"

That idiocy was soon picked up by the drunk gold-digger, Cecelia, and the other drunk Hagzilla. Even back then I warned them about their stupidity following Jeffy Bovine. Have they listened? -No.

Which is OK by me, because they are continuing to fight their paranoid hallucinations as they tried to do in other sites.


BTW, drunk gold digger, those posts and links at Mediaite to this blog are not mine. They are coming from my bitch who owns me $14,000 and now is hiding from me.


john t said...


Don't worry I will. Just to show how ignorant the Dollarettes are.

Anonymous said...

In short, Average American Patriot = "patsy"

AAP is one smart SOB I have to tell you I think to be compared to such a person is certainly no insult on my end. AAP may think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

See I know somebody who goes by AAP and I know they're smart. I know of nobody on the net at least named "patsy"

john t said...

Count, anonymous is Olby Sucks from Dollar's Dump. He's gave himself away with the "LOL" and the "shocker". He's not smart enough to change his style of posting.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fake Copper.

Anonymous said...

You haven't said anything but LOL all night.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this post is really setting the world on fire.....

Anonymous said...

You have no idea. I erased seven or eight responses.

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