Sunday, March 14, 2010

More From The Dollar Dump

Little Danny boy is still crying and whining to NewsHounds Julie about the name calling at the NHs. Here's just a part of it:


" I have an objection (my second problem) to the way you characterized Blackfon's comment in this instance, but since you are essentially, at best, trying to make a two wrongs make a right argument, your statement about Blackfon is irrelevant. He is not even a leader, blogger, or host of this site anyway. So when can we expect you reassess your evaluation and to revisit the policy of the News Hound site? When can we expect the results of your reassessment and your revisiting? "

Now this is a kid that thinks Pegleg Peggy and I should be banned from the NHs for name calling. I didn't know either one of us was a leader or a host at the NHs. Then we have Cecellia telling Julie she's dead wrong in her article about people on Fox being against Obama's health care plan.


"Hey, I already rendered you up a list of people whose statements and bent of their question had given me the impression that they were pro-obamacare."

So now I guess Cecellia's "impression" is the gospel truth not to be argued with.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's funny the double standard. I should not be surprised really at the fact that $ has such low life parasites posting there. When $ is the leader the followers can;t be anything but shit.

As for Cecellia I am surprised she could take her hands off of $ Penis long enough to compile the list.

Anonymous said...

BTW What little I have read $ site I can tell you Cecellia has never had a thought in her life.

john t said...

Count, you should go read through that thread. Julie keeps her cool and debates civily through the whole thing while being attacked by the idiots. It's the one below the FHWIR.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the patience for it John. If I read it I'd have to post. if I posted somebody would answer and then the rest of my night is wasted arguing with God's lowest form of life. I admire what Julie is trying to do and you for keeping and eye on it. But it's there and I am here and we are both better off for it.

john t said...

Count, the stalker over on the Reddit site seems to have deleted all his comments.

Anonymous said...

I noticed :)

Anonymous said...

Danny called me villainous. That really bothers me. No really it does.

Anonymous said...

We have another keeper from another ass at Mark Koldys's petting zoo.


ramjet aka vstool = and one or two more I can't remember.

(Riding on his mighty pony to chastise NH's Julie Driscoll )


And Ms. Driscoll, yes, you have debated in a civil manner. I believe the foundation of respect is honesty, and though it is not left for me to judge another, over time, honesty, or its absence, becomes easily detected.

Monday, March 15, 2010 1:06:49 AM


I am sure the stern old fart vloody stool has a few choice words for the dishonest turds of one Mark Koldys or the piles and piles of lies promoted by the Fox gNOpig Propaganda Network on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Oooooops, forgot to sign that one.


Anonymous said...

Seems like Marky is starting to grow an ovary


Mark Koldys
Strike two for Patsy:

Steve Krakauer says:March 15, 2010 at 11:44 am

Alright it’s time to ban MarkBovineKoldys. Sorry it took so long everyone.

By Mark Koldys March 15, 2010, 10:16:33 AM


At least this time Marky had the ovarian fortitude to include my moniker in the quote.

I do have to wonder who is the pussy that's been emailing mediaite asking for my banning, since in the particular thread where I was banned I did not attack any other poster personally but I did try to make a general review of the piles of BS the Fox gNOpig Propaganda Network has been producing over the last year.

Heck, I even edited the popular **** flinging Baboon. I guess it might have been the KKKlownnity's or Billdo's or Moose Boogers... or Frankenstein Face... maybe the pro-ho-wanna-be Hannah Giles... or maybe it was someone in the shit flinging Baboons own staff, since Steve Krakauer claims the Baboon Beck is a regular Mediaite reader.

Oh, well.

Mr. MarkBovineKoldys

Anonymous said...

Oh, good, the POS who complained to ban me over at Mediaite the last time has stepped up,



It took long enough. "Inside sources" say that a certain poster emailed Mr. Krakauer a week ago asking why Mediaite was allowing that particular poster to keep on keeping on. After all, Mediaite had banned a few other posters for similar (if not less so) offenses... yet, they seemed to take their time reprimanding "Bovine."

Interesting... but a happy ending for all, I suppose.

March 15, 2010, 1:53:38 PM


Imagine that!

One of Koldys's arse lickers came to defend the shit flinging Baboon, all things Fox gNOpig Propaganda and possibly even Marky and Jeff Merrill.

Mr. MarkBovineKoldys

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo pathetic.

From the same Koldys sheep that lost his nuts sometime between the following quote and his yesterday's whine at Mediaite, when I wasn't even addressing this moron

(comment at Marky's Crapper)

ImNotBlue has commented Monday,

January 04, 2010,12:06:21 PM
Oh, you know me. Never one to walk away from an online fight!

I just don't know why they're so interested in me. Heck... I'm ME, and even I'm not that interested!


Grow an ovary!

Mr. MarkBovineKoldys

Patrick said...

I called little Jeffy out at Mediaite last night and little Assley came to his defense. Then ASSLEY runs back to Johnny like a little school girl like she wants Dollar to stop me.
This is a challenge to Danny. You want to have a debate with me. I will be waiting for your answer.

Anonymous said...

A follow up to vloody stool's foot-in-mouth comment from Monday, March 15, 2010


ramjet = vloody stool

I apologize for my lack of clarity in my,.... blah blah bla...

So, in other, less convoluted, words, I was trying to say, "We'll see-the jury's still out on that one," without it sounding accusatory.

vloody stool
Tuesday March 16, 2010, 8:52:25 AM


That one came from a supposed "highly trained language specialist" or some shit like that.


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