Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big 12 Basketball Tournament Live Blogging

I thought Colorado was playing really good ball and would beat Texas Tech easy Texas Tech 82 Colorado 67. Shows you what I know.

Be back through out the day Nebraska-Missouri next.

Jorge Diaz can become a really good player but right now he's "dainty" Dude really needs to hit the weight room.

Nebraska looks pretty good in the first 4 minute stretch and has a 10-6 lead going into the first media time out. Can we just end the game now? Now Nebraska has played well in stretches of most games the problem is they have a 5-10 minute stretch in every game where they can't do shit. Missouri is the kind of team that can explode in a hurry. Any 7,8 minute stretch of nothing could be a 25-0 run.

2nd media break and it's 20-9 Nebraska. This, far at least is as good as Nebraska has played all year by far. We all know that Missouri will get back into this. Can Nebraska avoid that disastrous stretch for once?

3rd media break and it's 29-16 NU. Nebraska was up 26-9 then it looked like they were about to start one of their patented stretches but just before the media break Diaz made a lay up and got fouled. Missouri whining about the officiating.

Final media break of the first half. Missouri got the lead down to 8 and had a shot at getting it to 6 or 5 but went cold. Nebraska has got it back up to 12. 36-24. Huge final 3 minutes for Nebraska. They need to go to the locker room up at least 10.

Missouri get's a tip in at the buzzer but Nebraska still leads at the half 39-28. Great half for Nebraska. Hate to say it but I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Nebraska comes out and scores 7 points and Missouri takes a timeout. 46-28 NU. Stunning.

Brandon Richardson is playing sloppy. Nebraska can not just go entirely into shut down mode.

Diaz just threw the ball away Missouri got a lay up a foul. 48-33 Nebraska into the first media time out of the second half. Nebraska is starting to look rattled a little bit though.

54-39 Nebraska with 12:17 left good time out by Doc Sadler things getting a little crazy.

Media break. Maybe I have just seen this team too much this year but despite the 15 point lead I do not like the way this game is going at the moment.

8:02 left 61-47 Nebraska. Things are on the brink. scary time.

4:01 Nebraska 61-49 They have hit that stretch where they can't do do anything. This game is so far from over.

Brandon Richardson just hit a 3 and was fouled. HUGE! HUGE! HUGE!

Just when you start feeling good Missouri hits 2 3ptrs and get's a steal.


Nebraska WINS 75-60 So unbefuckinglevable!

There's a meltdown going on over at Tiger Board. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Be back at 6.

We finally have a game going about like I thought it would OSU just skull fucking Oklahoma 45-23 at half.

Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma easily 81-67

Iowa State and Texas playing a very close game so far in the night cap.

Texas holds on against Iowa State 82-75.

Tomorrow Kansas Vs Texas Tech

Vs Texas A&M

Kansas State Vs Oklahoma State

Texas Vs Baylor

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john t said...

Ohio State plays their first game in the Big Ten Tournament at 12:00pm this Saturday. They're #1 seeded.

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