Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Tournament Day 2.

Looking at the scores it seems that today was a much more "sane" then yesterday. Really shocked Missouri won. Last time we saw them they were getting handled by Nebraska. Ranger Bob's "Alma Mater" Cornell beat Temple.

Anyway I haven't got to see any of the games from today yet because I had to go to a memorial service for my Aunt who passed away. Cigarettes got the age of 80. If every cig took 11 minutes off of her life... nevermind. She had the kind of service I would want. She was cremated and all they had in her honor was a service where everybody brought food and got together and shared some stories and some laughs.

Anyway as soon as Basketball starts up again I'll watch some.

Late Edit:

Kind of a blah day after yesterday's wild day. Really shocked that Louisville got blown out by Cal. I have to say that despite their 4-4 record The Big East the disappointment of the first round. Pitt and W. Virginia salvaged some Big East pride.

Michigan State and Maryland had battles but advance.

Duke blew out Pine Bluff. Ohio State beat Santa Barbara comfortably.

Sorry New Mexico State you aren't Texas and this isn't football.


Ranger said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern Ranger.

Anonymous said...

BTW Neither of the Ranger's posts here were in bad taste. In fact one was actually quit down right polite. Problem is he's used up his strikes.

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