Saturday, March 27, 2010

What more could we expect from hypocrite houndy

Over on the Dollar Dump they had a very lengthy discussion about Ann Coulter cancelling her speech in Ottawa Canada because of protestors. Yet leave it up to hypocrite houndy to defend her:

Julie, OK, so Coulter is a Pundit/Satirist. Who's to say she's not? So she offends a few people? It's all comedy to me. No different than Maher or others. People who are offended by that kind of humor need to get a life. I'll defend her all day long. I see no hate in her. She just has a different way of expressing her outrage at waht goes on in today's world. No one is going to die. No one is harmed. Unless you consider being "offended" harmed. Too many whiners in the world.

Now this is from a guy that finds hatred for Fox in every article the NewsHounds post, but he can't seem to find any hatred in Coulter's rants.

Then we have this from the brilliant one at the Dump:

I won't defend what Coulter said, but I will repeat the no American should comfortable with Canadian speech laws to the point where they can blithely state the facts of her being threatened with them, without adding that they fly in the face of our Constitutional rights.

Now this woman doesn't quite realize Canada isn't ruled under the US Constitution. I've been to different blogs and saw RWers screaming the same thing about the first Amendment. Do they actually think the US Constitution covers the whole world? Are they that damn dumb?


Anonymous said...

So a pedophile is ok with Coulter. Good for her.

john t said...

Houndy would probably defend the pedophile priests in the Catholic church also.

Anonymous said...

BTW lest you think I was making this up about the Stalker and dogs... a direct quote...

"My Great Dane Charles and I knotted for 14 minutes just two nights ago, it was splendid, though it did leave me a little sore. "

Anonymous said...

First off.

This is the overall point about the fugly amerikunt Coulter.

Thinking that just because he/she sports an USA passport the world owes it respect.

Just like John T was saying, imagine a Muslim coming to the USA and demand he has a human right to build a tent inside his room hosted by the UN in New York.

Anyway, you guys get the point.

Before some shithead comes and accuse me of hating the USA, this is the point. Some laws in the USA are better than laws in other countries, not all of them.

Imagine a Mexican or European citizen smoking a doobie on the streets of Vegas, getting arrested and then offering as defense "but I am allowed to do it in my country"

In your country.

Not anywhere else.

So, my keyboard cries out to you morons. Fugly KKKoulter digged even a deeper hole for herself, good for her. Put it on her resume.


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