Monday, March 22, 2010

Health care bill is illegall and unconstitutional

Mark Noonan's evidence? He disagrees with the majority vote, so that's all he needs to deem it so.

Well, the Machine rolled over the people and got ObamaCare through. Illegally, unconstitutionally, but they got it through. Never under estimate the power of a corrupt political elite to get something done when they have the raw power to do it.

What was so unconstitutional about the bill? It passed with a majority in the House the first time, it passed in the Senate on Christmas eve with a majority vote, and it passed with a majority vote yesterday, with procedural hearings and votes on certain aspects of the bill. See, when the party gains a majority in the Congress through the voting process, they get to dictate public policy. Its called the democratic process. As Jon Stewart said, "You're the minority party. Its supposed to taste like a shit taco."

Furthermore, the Republicans have had 8 years under the Bush Administration to discuss health care reform, or bring up legislation that will lower prescription drug costs, or expand Medicare. You did nothing. Okay I take that back. You guys did allow an illegal war to happen on your dime, then defended it when shit hit the fan; you ran up the deficit with the Bush tax cuts to the rich; and helped bring about the near-collapse of the financial system in know: the stuff that got the GOP bounced out majorities in the House and Senate in 2006, and then the White House in 2008!?

Now that the Democrats are in charge and have decided in getting things done for the American people, you have the nerve to lecture to us, and bitch and complain about what the American people want, much less declare that a bill that was passed legally through the legislative process, unconstitutional!? Please, Noonan, sell your sob story to someone who's willing to listen to your hypocritical BS.

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Anonymous said...

Where was Nooner in 2003? That's right jerking off to his G.W.B. Posters.

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