Monday, March 29, 2010

Does Anybody Speak Dog Fucker?

the pussies all ran away. Scotty "that aint me, I am three people and p. moved to another state" H. is my bitch. Stephen "that aint me, my name is not Stevie" is my bitch. John T "I dont know who the hell you are talking about" is my bitch. Robert "Oh fuck he found me" Stephen is my bitch.

Oh Count, if anyone is unemployed, its little schmucky Scotty Puss Puss. The dumbass cant hold a job. Now you dumbfucks can go back and play at your "Ranger Bob" site. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I notice he fantasizes a lot about bitches...hmm


The Dreaded Patrick said...

I know of 2 guys who speak dog fucker one is Jeffy Morril and the other is Mark Koldys aka Johnny The Liar. That dude has issues, what a sad,sad little fuck I guess Blackdung will not let him troll the playgrounds with him

Anonymous said...

The dumbshit will eventually get around to find out he has raised Jeffy Bovine's tab to $17,000.

One more time, just to make clear how stupid and Jeffy Bovine ignorant this idiot is:

I am not Robert Stephen.

So dumbshit, go ahead and embarrass yourself one more time.


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