Monday, March 22, 2010

Dollar Lies Once Again

Johnny Dollar

Look, Ellen has a post up right now about Fox ignoring the immigration rally and the epithets hurled at the Congressmen. Now she has an opinion, but it's not based on facts. The immigration rally WAS covered, and there were whole segments about the epithets. It's that sort of thing that leads to the kind of reaction Ellen engenders in these parts.

But this is what Ellen wrote:

Fox News Largely Ignoring Tea Party Racism And Immigration March
Reported by Ellen - Mon 5:39 PM
I can't swear that Fox never covered the big immigration rally yesterday but it certainly got far less coverage than the tea partiers.

HMMMM! Seems like Dollar is the one short on facts. But I guess that's what you get when you don't even read the title, let alone the article.


Anonymous said...

Yes I am sure Dollar's little group of Nazi stalkers will be calling out the racist in their mist.

john t said...

Count, you should see it over on That's where Dollar's sheep go to let off their steam. They do a 180 of how they act at the Dump. They even call the hosts of the site liars, assholes, etc,etc. Then on Dollar's Dump they preach to people it's forbidden to insult the host of a site.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are Hypocrites? Since when? OK Sarcasm off.

I've said this before but the reason I stopped going to sites like that and getting into net wars is they say something I call them stupid fuckers they respond I respond and the next thing you know I look as stupid as they are and I have just wasted a lot of my precious time. This way I can just come here and call them stupid fuckers and the people I am discussing their idiocy with are people like you and Jonathan and ET and the other good people who stop by here.


john t said...

Well Count, I'm not telling you to venture to those sites. I will so you don't have to. I enjoy it.

john t said...

I forgot to add, GO OHIO STATE.

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