Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From The Stalker

Hey idiot, no one ever thought you were Patsy.

Except for the 15 posts a night I have to erase calling me "patsy" I'll say one thing The Burger Cult sure doesn't seem to communicate very well.

We always thought you were some trollish idiot mid-30s guy who lived in his parents basement.
Now Stalker just insulted 3/4s of his fellow cult followers. I'll say this. I love My Mother but as my Wife could tell you by about the 4th phone call from my Mother in 1 night I stop answering the phone. My Father may he rest in peace was a wonderful man but given the fact that he and his son both had forceful personalities it should come as no surprise that we had our share of confrontations. I haven't lived with my Parents since I was 21. In fact I moved 550 miles away from them and wasn't all that happy when they soon followed me.

Turns out Stevie you really are a trollish mid-30s guy who does live with his Mommy and Daddy.

Congratulations for getting nothing right. My Name is not "Stevie" I don't live with my parents one of whom is dead.

We're not sure you live in your parents basement, but you do live with your parents.

Who is we? You and the Dog you're fucking?

This RangerBob site you have, do you have kids games and Popeye cartoons too?

No but lately I have had a lot of your stalking dog fuck buddies poluting my site.


john t said...

Well, Olby Sucks has been banned from every site he's commented on. I think he's even banned from Dollar's Dump. He's a very lonely boy. He's a bastard child looking for a daddy.

Anonymous said...

You mean he's such a piece of shit Burger banned him?

Patrick said...

I think that Olby Sucks might be using the sockpuppet Danny, it is sure funny OS dissapears at the same time Danny shows. Maybe...maybe not.

Blind Rat said...

Johhny Dollar has never "banned" anybody.

john t said...

Well, your name fits you, because you must be blind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why his site is populated by such low life scum.

Anonymous said...


Now Jeffy Bovine is going into another of his wild goose fishing expeditions.

Sorry for mixing metaphors for a minute, but that comment by "blind rat" is none other than good ol' Jeffy Bovine (Jeff Merrill)fantasizing about someone else who ripped him another one.

Jeffy is fishing to see if anyone is "blind rat"

I know this one is old, but Jeffy couldn't find his way out of a paper bag.

Jeffy, for the 1 millionth time. Just come out of the bareback cowboy closet and then I can't use it against you any more.


Patrick said...

Hey Blind Bat, or Jeffy the Fucking Troll why can you not realize that everyone hates you even those idiots at the Dump, they know you are as retarded as Chimeri as much an hermaphrodite as THE ASSLEY and as Dumb as Danny and Chrissy. You got nothing you fuck

Jeffy said...

Oh, I got sumpin. ;)

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