Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big 12 Tournament Live Blogging

The we're still here addition. Anyway Kansas beat Texas Tech 80-68 in game 1. No surprise at all there.

Want to take a minute to leave the topic and say RIP Merlon Olson. Good man.

And as I feared so far a completely different team than yesterday. 8-0 A&M Doc calls a timeout.

This is what I feared. This team is just not capable of playing 2 good games in a row. 16-6 A&M 2nd media time out.

Standhardinger getting abused on the defensive end.

27-15 A&M.

Nebraska went to a zone on the defensive end and it's working but they are sloppy as fuck on the offensive end. 30-21 A&M.

Nebraska got back into the game cut the lead to 5 but A&M scores the last 4 points of the first half. 37-28 A&M.

And A&M scores 5 quick points and now it's 42-28. the exact opposite of yesterday.

Credit Nebraska for playing tough. They are doing what Missouri did yesterday and hanging around. it's 46-36. So far though A&M is doing what Nebraska did yesterday and answering every time Nebraska goes on a run.

And it's down to 7. 49-42. Nebraska playing hard. All I ask.

A rule change that needs to be made. There are media timeouts after 16,12,8 and 4 minutes. I am fine with that but when a team calls a timeout when a media timeout is nigh then that media timeout should be erased.

Here they come 49-47. Give Nebraska credit they won't give it up. Nebraska's zone has stopped A&M.

57-53 A&M with 3:03 left. Nebraska got it down to 1 and A&M hit a 3. No matter what all the credit in the world to Nebraska for this effort in the tournament.

And A&M scores 5 in a row and now it's 62-55 with 1:58 left. Things not looking good.

Horsehit call on Diaz. 65-58.

Richardson missed a big free throw. 68-62. 28 seconds left. I'll say it again. This is something Nebraska can look back at with great pride. Where has this team been all year?

70-64 A&M Final. good game great effort.

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