Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wait So Conservative's Don't Like People With money?

Rocky Lore
Would anyone consider this reminiscent of Graeme Frost, the 12-year-old Baltimore kid as S-CHIP activist? S-CHIP critics were accused of smearing Frost because his family had two houses, three $40,000 vehicles, and four children in private school, but somehow couldn't afford insurance.

Marcelas Owens? Him I could understand supporting and not smearing because he's not some spoiled rich kid who wants everything handed to him.

The Poor Teabaggers really can't keep their story straight. BTW Socky I too was against this SCHIP bill at least the way it was suppose to in part be funded. It doesn't make sense to me to fund a health care bill by taxing a product that A. is unhealthy and B. You are trying everything you know get rid of.

Another Beckosite Opines:

Aaron Brand
Maybe I missed something, but I failed to see where the attack on Marcelas was. Yeah, Glenn could've answered the questions as he asked them. But he is a showman first and foremost. So it is possible that he was using this to set up a later episode where he does answer said questions.

For all the hate on Glenn Beck, you openly admit he is a spinmaster. So if that is the case, why do you hate him for it? If anyone should be rebuked it is not the boy, but the Senate Democrats who ARE using this story to sway public approval. Why are they not reporting the entire story, so that Glenn Beck has nothing to spin?

I agree with your assessment that Glenn Beck has at his disposal the team to research and answer these questions. But I've always felt that if you want to quell the opposition, then don't give them anything to argue.

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