Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Johnny Dollar's Dump

For anyone that doesn't know who Johnny Dollar (I don't know why any grown man would want to be called Johnny) is. He used to be a well known troll at the NewsHounds. He would nitpick what the NHs said down to the point to where it was if they used the word "if' instead of "is". He got banned from NHs so he started his own blog supposedly to tell the truth about Fox News and talk about cable news shows. Well he collected about 8 little loyal sheep that would follow him off a cliff if he decided to jump. They talk mostly in their little chat room about NewsHounds and the commenters on it, which has nothing to do with cable news. Soon they'll be talking about this site too since Count has let me post about them here.

Here is a small example of how a dollarette thinks he's so important to the blogasphere. This is from a discussion with NHs Julie at Dollars Dump.:

For me to have good feelings about Newhounds they must do at least two things. First they must get rid of the trolls who infest the site. John T and Pegleg Peggy and even MJ are at the top of the list. Secondly, they must post a list of rules for commenting and and apply them to everyone equally.

I don't think the kid knows what the meaning of "troll" is. Since he was one that got banned from the NewsHounds site.


Count Istvan said...

who was Danny?

john t said...

Danny is a lonely little person that thinks he is someone of high importance. He doesn't like people calling people names. Yet he calls the NHs "she dogs" "hideous lying hens of houndland" and some other chosen names. But to him, that's not name calling. Ellen called Dollar a "prick" about a year and a half ago on the forum and little Danny is still carrying on about how vulgar she was and how she should apologize to Dollar. I guess he's never heard someone call someone a prick before. I think he grew up in a closet.

Anonymous said...

Testing, testing, is this thing on?

Count Istvan said...

If that bothered him he better not come here to see what I call him.

Patrick said...

Danny almost acts like that little troll Chrissy,I wonder if the yare brothers or maybe some of Blackdungs offspring. Anyhow thanks for starting this up. I just hope this keeps little Jeffy boy out.

Pegleg Peggy said...

I don't think Danny is Chrissy. His posts are too long and his thinking is too convoluted to be Chris. Chris keeps things pretty simple. And he never let off a string of curses like one I read from Danny a while back. Eventually I'll go back and find it and when I do I'll post it here. It's a classic.

Danny thinks John T and I are trolls at the Newshounds site! He told Julie they should get rid of trolls that infest Newshounds - like us. bwahhhhh!

Speaking of Bwahhhhh - what ever happened to that crazy Rapture Ralph?

Count Istvan said...

Speaking of Bwahhhhh - what ever happened to that crazy Rapture Ralph?

He posts here on occasion but I erase them on sight. I would imagine his blog is still going strong.

Patrick said...

Looks like Blackdung is going off about johnt talking about Johnny.
He called Johnt stupid,so I posted "I would rather be stupid than a known pedophile, the comment sat there for 10 minutes until Koldys deleted it.
I guess Koldys think it is ok to let stalkers and pedophiles to post at his shit site. Along with Hagzilla, Mikec (who is freaking out about Fixed News copywriting everything), Cecelia and Oh Danny Boy, I guess they are bunch of misfits.

Count Istvan said...

They are a real prize winning group. Blackdung (I like that) admitted himself he was pedophile.

Count Istvan said...

Ralph says Johnny $ is a great American. Nothing else needs to be said about either.

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